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Why Charlotte Flair belongs on top! — August 23, 2016

Why Charlotte Flair belongs on top!

Charlotte Flair  belongs on top!

I am not going to use WWE’s elitist style of promotion in endorsing Charlotte Flair. I am going to start this blog post and chat by saying “I don’t give a damn who a wrestler’s father is!” That does not guarantee your future in the business. It should play no role in WWE story lines.

So why does Charlotte Flair belong on the top as a defining Women’s pro wrestler of this era? Charlotte belongs on top because she is athletic, she is ruthless and she sells long term story lines.

An example of Charlotte’s athleticism? Watch her WWE entrance.


Charlotte flair is also ruthless. Thank goodness for her as well, because what was going on before Charlotte Flair became the face of pro-wrestling for women? Nikki Bella a reality television star was the face and it was truly terrible. Thankfully Charlotte Flair took her and her hippies sister out and brought the division back to what pro-wrestling should be.

Lets be honest the so called #DivasRevolution was ran uncomfortably long by a reality television star on top…

(Trish Stratus was a revolution, Chyna was a revolution to many!, Lita was a revolution.)

The branding of that rivalry was disrespectful and it in no way heightened the profile of women’s wrestling.

Lastly Charlotte is the woman to run with for promoting long term story-lines. She had epic matches with Sasha Banks, Bailey and Nikki Bella all ready. She unfortunately had to survive lazy story-lines like the Divas Revolution and her gimmick with Natalya. However if you are going to have an epic women’s match in WWE you can not do it with out her. What is the next Charlotte match I dream of?

Click the picture below on how Charlotte Flair would face Ronda Rousey if the opportunity was provided.

Charlotte Flair vs Ronda.png


Ruthless, athletic and sells long term rivalries. Right now I can think of no one better for being a champion than Charlotte Flair.

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3 reasons he isn’t going to call you after date # 1. —

3 reasons he isn’t going to call you after date # 1.


3 reasons

For those who don’t know I consider myself a good catch for a future mate. I am passionate about what I do, I am looking to start a future and I am usually chill to hang out with. Guess what? Dating wise I am not the brightest…

Here is some advice to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve been making on dates:

  1. You showed you flaws before your benefits– You can’t be going around on dates with a list of your mental disorders, obsessions or various quirks. Remember the objective on a date is to actually get another human being to like you! That is hard to do if they think they are staring across a cafe to an obsessive compulsive lunatic. I say avoid mentioning mental illness, quirks with pets and other weirdness until you get a third date.
  2. You were too clingy – Its cliche but we are who we are. Unfortunately I am the type of person who smothers their cats and potential mates. People want to chase after you not get you easily. No one dreams of being in a human straight jacket on a first date! Don’t do what I do… Give them some space.
  3. You put out/You didn’t put out – Sex is a weird deal breaker on first dates in the sense you can screw things up both ways. My opinion is putting out on first dates is not a sign of low self worth. I think it is an expression of healthy sexuality. Some people might feel it is a bit promiscuous however and a sign of low character. In my mind there is no golden rule on how far to go on the first date! So why bother waiting to see if someone is compatible with you?

To conclude dating is screwed up. People expect to date flawless, hard to get people with a sexuality that meshes perfectly to their’s. Do yourself a favour and get a best friend who you can have a totally non-sexual relationship with. I feel like somehow in your early 20’s that is the best you can do.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. This is a new feature on the Ashton’s Chat Page. Click the logo below to go back to the main page of the chat forum. Feel free to leave a comment and copy the URL below to share the post.

3 reasons he isn’t going to call you after date # 1.

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Three things to consider when starting a business. — August 5, 2016

Three things to consider when starting a business.

Do you want to start a business-.png

Some people will waste a lot of time dreaming of a business that is just not going to work. Most new businesses will fail, that is just a fact. There is nothing like your own business to drive you broke within the first year of beginning it. Do yourself a favour and DON’T quit your nine to five before reading this….

Start up costs

Lets say you want to open a candy store. What equipment do you need, what merchandise do you need? Lets look at some examples of just some equipment that would be needed for a candy store, because it is a start off business lets pretend it is a craft candy store that starts as an E commerce ship to you business. Here are some items you might need right away. 

WordPress ECommerce website: $400

Cotton Candy Machine: $39.99

Cotton Candy.png

Stove: $700 


Advertising expense: $150 – Including logo design and starter advertising expenses on social media. This can also include branding where you tell an advertiser your story and they find a way to tell the story on the web. 

You also may want to learn some from home candy recipes that are creative, store well and can’t be purchased from a standard retail store. 

Options for starting up

You can always apply for a small business grant right now with Start a company. Or you could save up and use your own capital. Either way you are going to want a business plan that you can scale, and can exist in multiple markets. This is why I recommend starting any business online then scaling it to store front. 

Product pricing

I would start the lowest product pricing for a speciality candy store with a package that costs a minimum of $14. With any business you want to charge a rate for your minimum product that is not going to drive you broke if that is all you sell. When a business first starts it is considered lucky if you can sell your low ticket items to begin with. Especially since establishing a brand is a long term adventure not a short term fluke. 

Want to start a business? I can help Email . I will help you free with business planning, I can offer marketing services and I will bring things to your plan to pitch ideas. Remember when starting a business you should make any idea work as a simple website venture and expand it to a bigger idea. 

The Question loan offices or government officials ask about your business  

Do you have Educational/Work experience in the field in which you wish to start a business? 

Do you have $1000 to invest in your business? To qualify for a small business loan in Ontario you must invest a minimum of $1000 in your business. . 

Do you have dedicated consumers/subscribers? Weather you want to publish a novel, or start a candy shop you need to have people who will care about your project. You need to prove they are dedicated by either getting 1000 subscribers to a Facebook page, or getting a kick-starter campaign off the ground. 

Do you have a web domain? Establishing your .com is the first part of any new business venture. 

Candy Recipes!

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What really belongs in a Marketing portfolio? — August 1, 2016

What really belongs in a Marketing portfolio?

Marketing portfolio.png

Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex, the writer for this blog is Ashton Deroy from Brighton Ontario in Canada. This blog is the hub for my digital marketing services business where we offer social media marketing, radio advertising, website assembly, website updating and website content. I graduated college in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Loyalist College in 2015. I have had a year to work freelance on my own doing some writing, creating client content and handling my own sales and marketing when I had this thought.

Today in this blog I am going to talk about how after one year out of Advertising school. Nothing I worked on in school belongs in my portfolio today!


There was not enough practical execution in Advertising school!

Two years since I finished all my schooling for marketing and I can honestly say that nothing my old classmates or teachers thought on my projects matter. In fact none of my theoretical projects are in my portfolio at all. That is because nothing executed theoretically and graded for educational purposes is what an actual ad agency wants to hear about! I have never been asked about my school projects in a marketing interview. I was always asked about my publicly display worked.


What agencies want to hear?


Did your advertising work accomplish?

  • Sales
  • Inbound leads
  • Outbound leads
  • Multiple IP address traffic on a website
  • Increased subscribers
  • Photo clicks
  • Comments


Who cares how sleek a design is if it does not work?


You may think some sleek designs you executed privately would be awesome additions to your portfolio. You might be wrong! Unless a client actually ordered those designs, you can provide metrics for how the designs performed and etc. It does not belong it a portfolio.


What does belong in your marketing portfolio? :

  • Agency Marketing projects
  • Freelance marketing projects
  • Non-Profit Marketing projects.
  • Blogs


Here are some examples of work I highlight in my portfolio: – LEKO was an events promotional page on Facebook used to promote Kingston Pride, Saint Lawrence College LGBT events to Kingston and surrounding areas.  This page was responsible for increasing attendance at Pride events and handling Kingston pride inquiries. This project was a two person team project between a graphics designer Ellen Gadd  and a promotional writer/project manager Ashton Deroy. – Digi-Connex’s Facebook page was used to develop Ashton Deroy’s presence as a freelance marketing service. This page was used to promote marketing services, create marketing discussions and create sales leads. This page was responsible in converting three active clients in under a year and it is still active today to generate business leads.  This project has two active team members both functioning as a writers with Ashton Deroy as the administrator of the project and Diana Skye as a freelance writer. – This was the Facebook page to the Dignity Repairs automotive blog. This was a blog created for an auto repairs shop located in Toronto Ontario. Ashton Deroy was approached by this client who was looking to create a web presence for Dignity Repairs by purchasing the .com for the brand and establishing web content. With a slim budget and persistent content the page was able to climb to 33 subscribers. It was a two person team project with Ashton Deroy as the promotional writer and Umair Bair as the photo contributor.


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Expand your business with Digital advertising — July 31, 2016

Expand your business with Digital advertising


Digital marketing is a convenient, easy way to expand your business sales and revenue. According to Google Facebook has 1.23 Billion users in both rural and urban areas. 

1.23 billion users.png

Check out our services section with Digi-Connex and see if there is an advertising option for you. 


What is happening in the Digi-Connex shop today? 

Ashton Deroy says “Today I am learning on the death of Industrial Advertising. I love this video’s focus on how quickly businesses are expanding in the E-Commerce section of Marketing.” 


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Discussing the basics of Digital marketing. — July 29, 2016

Discussing the basics of Digital marketing.

Marketing Basics.png

Hello WordPress, welcome to Digi-Connex a digital marketing service located out of Brighton Ontario. Sometimes it is great to go back to the discussion in the basics of marketing, like the stuff I learned in the first year of Advertising school. For any marketing campaign there are three aspects to consider for the execution of any campaign. You want to consider reach, medium and message. In this blog I will attempt to break down each aspect of the campaign a bit more.

Medium-  Now as a digital marketing blog we recognise the king of mediums as Facebook, connected with a personal website. Other examples of mediums are Twitter, Pinterest, TumblR, there is radio and Newspaper advertising. Which both can appear on their website advertising. There are also website banners which can appear on special interest websites.

Reach- The reach aspect of the campaign of how many people your message can be exposed to on the medium. As far as I concerned unless a medium exposes you to 1000 subscribers, there is no sense in paying for ad space on the medium.  That is why when Digi-Connex is approached by a website looking to sell ad space the first thing we will ask is about the amount of their subscribers. The next thing you need to know is the information on the subscribers or users for the medium is you need to know their geographic information, age information and their engagement with your content.

Message – The message in marketing is usually something that will result in a call to action. The call to action can vary from checking out a website, making a purchase from an E-Commerce site or store and means of contact. The best thing to do before assembling a message is to determine what your goal is before hand. If you are just looking to call for sales promotions in particular and not overly complicated you just offer something such as a discount or incentive to encourage purchasing. If you want to get website traffic or build your brand you can toy with other creative ideas.


To conclude this is the Digi-Connex blog on going back to the basic on thinking about digital marketing. Feel free to leave a comment below and if you require digital marketing services from website setup, a Facebook campaign and etc. Give Digi-Connex a call at

647-831-1544. This is a cellular line so you can also text to inquire about digital marketing services. Canadian consumers only.American consumers can email to inquire about services at  .

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Pokemon Go User types! — July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go User types!

Pokemon Go User types.png



Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex, Pokemon go is coming in to the Canadian market with a BANG! If you don’t know the app is an augmented reality game where people can walk around the real world and find pokemon on their game. For those who feel like they have been thrown back in time to 1998 when Pokemon Yellow was released for the gameboy, because it seems everyone is nuts over pokemon again. In my opinion it is so much better because this game gets people up and walking around.


Since this game was released while I was using it with a whole bunch of other users in Toronto last week. I started to think about the different user types which I can break down in this blog. First off there is the die hard pokemon collectors which are the people who probably first downloaded this game as soon as it was out, then there is the tag along friends who play this when all of their friends are playing it. These groups will share a lot of the same demographic information such as they are primarily 16-28, they are male and female and of course they liked playing pokemon games. Their key differences will be their values in playing the app.


Die Hard Pokemon collectors

Die hard Pokemon collectors will likely play this game alone or with friends, because they want to level up and they want to be ahead of people in the game. Before this they probably owned/collected pokemon merchandise, games and movies. They may even try to play with other die hard players to find better Pokemon. These players tend to recruit other players, they organize time to play this in parks and they probably play this game over 90 minutes a day.


Follow along friends

Follow along friend user types for the Pokemon game probably are not the biggest pokemon fans but they like to participate in activities with their friends. They probably only play the game when their friends are/ on social outings and they probably don’t own other pokemon merchandise. It’s not that this group doesn’t sincerely enjoy the app but they like to participate in a variety of social activities and they probably have more pressing interests. This group probably plays thirty minutes to an hour a day but probably doesn’t take the measures the other group does to play as hardcore.


Thank you for reading the Digi-Connex blog today. Want to discuss Pokemon Go? Leave a comment below. Otherwise thanks for reading and enjoy your week pokemon catchers!


Do you want to start your own .com? Email Digi-Connex has rates as low as $70 to get your .com running.

Why the UFC website is marketing machine? — July 9, 2016

Why the UFC website is marketing machine?

Welcome to the Digi-Connex blog, To start this blog if you want internet marketing services, a logo designed or Facebook advertising. Please email me for a consultation at I have some great website packages starting at $180. For that we are going to set up your social media pages, a logo, a news feed and put your photos on the website.

Today I want to start a series where I analyse some of the most effective sales websites on the internet. To start I want to analyse the website. For those who don’t know I am a huge UFC fan, I love martial arts and I do a kickboxing workout everyday. In looking at this website I will look at its revenue sources, the purpose of the website and why it attracts traffic.


Purpose of the UFC.CA Website

The website is designed to keep the audience up to date on events, fighter records, and fight promotions. This helps to sell pay-per views, merchandise and keep people in touch with all of their fighters. It is also important to note that as an extension of the UFC brand each fighter has their social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which allows them all to work on selling the events they participate at, individual merchandise and release information on their own sponsors. An important thing to note on this website is it is updated everyday, even multiple times a day on weekends. The reason this is important to note is it keeps the content on the website accurate and updated live, there are clear sales positioning for their events and they list a schedule for their press events which helps to effectively manage their public relations.


Website team size: Including graphics designers, photographers, content writers and the team responsible for updating, and the website engineer. I estimate this website is supported by a team of 6 people. If not 6 people way more, plus fighter social medias probably are managed by publicists or Public Relations teams.


Revenue sources from the website

The website generates revenue from third party website advertising, an E-Commerce shop for UFC and fighter merchandise, the Fight pass subscriptions and sales of PPV events.


Why does UFC.CA attract consistent traffic?

The UFC website attracts consistent traffic because it provides facts on UFC fighter win loss records, it allows you to get a live check on division rankings and it has several different areas on the website with different content contributors. For some websites having one content contributor might be enough. In the case of the UFC website everything is so big and everyone from the fighters, to the sponsors both octagon sponsors and fighter sponsors is so huge. That you definitely need multiple content contributors to manage the entire project.


What I learned from this website?

Multiple content contributors is a must for website content management. Which is why I have worked on developing a network of a Graphics designer, writer plus myself which manages sales and client management.  Also a lot of websites write a lot of hypothetical blogging content. In the case of UFC everything published is related to what happens around the UFC brand and Dana White which means there is something to be said about brand specific content. Also in the first 30 seconds on the website you can find some sales statement, don’t hide your sales statement in content, pictures and art.


To conclude the UFC website is a machine which serves effectively purpose for the brand the website attracts independent third party advertising, E-Commerce purchasing and it helps with PPV conversion. What the website has taught me? The website taught me that bridging to a sale at the start of a blog is an effective conversion strategy and consistent website updating makes your website an authority of your brand. It also taught me why your digital brand needs a team of management members not just a 1-2 people in charge of content updating.

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Should I go back to school? — July 7, 2016

Should I go back to school?

Below is my resume, please let me know if you think I can benefit from increasing my education. Below is prior job experience, hourly wages and job titles.

Ashton Deroy

Job experience

My business
$ Commission $

With my business I handle internet marketing for clients, small business administration and outbound sales. 

Customer Service
Hewlett and Packard
$12 hourly

For Hewlett and Packard I handled network set up for customer printers, Instant ink issues and printer technical support. 

Ad space sales
Willow Publishing
$ Commission $

At Willow Publishing I handled selling ad space for tourism booklets. I contacted existing company leads and baited my own leads.

Shaw Cable
$11.50 hourly

We dialled Shaw Cable and internet customers and offered home phone services. This was to service an ongoing sales promotion to Shaw Cable.

Business support
$11.50 hourly

Handled business to business accounts for cellular devices. Which included responsibilities in billing, tech support and activation. 

Telephone sales
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers I called their existing customers and tried to bundle all of their services with Rogers Communications. Our goal was to get all customers set up with Internet, Television and home phone. 

Experiential marketing
$11.50 hourly

For Actv8 we serviced the PC Plus client. Our job was to go around and activate Loyalty memberships for the PC plus program.

Customer service
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers Communications I handled billing, tech support and activation for accounts. This job also entailed a sales element where at the end of customer calls we were to bridge and offer more Rogers services. 


Interactive Marketing, Saint Lawrence College 2014-2015

Advertising and Marketing Communications, Loyalist College 2012-2014


A big problem with a lot of this work experience is at times there was low job satisfaction or I didn’t find it closely enough related to my career choice. I also made minimum wage in a lot of the prior described jobs or commission which was not enough to afford important things like independent living, recreational activities and travelling. What I would like moving forward from jobs is a lot more responsibility, a higher wage and job security. A lot of the prior mentioned jobs had employee firings as frequent occurrences even when attempts had been made to resolve problems.


More important than anything, I want to start on a career track at an advertising agency or I want to continue servicing my own clients and their ad campaigns. If I go back to school I will be adding Business administration and Marketing to my all ready existing educational background. 

So as the title asks, “Do you think going back to school is the right move to get on my career track?” 


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3 things we wish companies handled online — July 6, 2016

3 things we wish companies handled online

3 things we wish companies handled better online.png


Good morning everyone and welcome to Digi-Connex. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. After reading this post if you like it share the hyperlink at the top of the page on social media, Like Digi-Connex on Facebook. Even reach out to me in an email at . In this post I am going to talk about things that need to be optimised for accessibility, convenience and efficiency. 

In 2016 it might surprise you that not everyone has optimised their business online. Personal email access is blocked in most offices, TV companies still haven’t digitally optimised and not everyone knows how Skype works apparently. From a consumer, employee and perspective employee point of view. These innovations do not go unnoticed. Below are 3 things we wish companies were handling better online. 

  1. Streaming online/Digital download – Unfortunately some companies still don’t recognise how handy it is to make all of your content easy to stream or download online. Unfortunately if you don’t have an online distribution plan, it is likely the company’s content will mostly be stolen on this medium. The two best methods for setting this up seem to be by putting your content on the web seem to be the Netflix method with an unlimited streaming service, or uploading it to the Google Play Store so it can be purchased individually. With these two methods available there is not really an excuse to not be distributing content on the world wide web. 
  2. Personal Email access in the office – As an ex employee of a 3 call centres I have to say, no one’s private internal communications system is that effective! As a result problems that need to go to the back office are hassles in most software and processes are stunted. It is honestly to the point where I believe handling delicate information for point of purchase and customer service need to be two different departments entirely. In 2016 I believe the best way to handle customer resolution is make it a personal problem. This also take problem resolution as a job some people might choose to handle out of the office. Another benefit with using your personal email for work issues is that it connects people more to their jobs, plus developing internal email systems are expensive and they take up too much space on business servers. Also in my opinion if one of the reasons your office doesn’t do this is people abusing their email system, maybe the company needs to take more careful consideration with hiring. 
  3. Skype interviews – It would be nice if finding someone’s office in the middle of nowhere for a chance encounter that doesn’t land you a job was a thing of the past. How about instead of putting perspective employees out of their way to meet you for an interview you come to them. Talking about Skype job interviews, just interview with people over their laptop with no fuss. I think it would make everyone a lot happier with rejection for a job if they don’t have to go out of their way to arrive on location for a 20 minute interview. 

To conclude there are a lot of things that can be done to optimise companies in a digital age. Hopefully moving forward companies allow this digital age to empower employees, perspective employees and customers alike. I think these practices moving forward will be a great reflection of a company. If you or your company practice any of these things leave a comment below. 

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