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Pokemon Go User types! — July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go User types!

Pokemon Go User types.png



Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex, Pokemon go is coming in to the Canadian market with a BANG! If you don’t know the app is an augmented reality game where people can walk around the real world and find pokemon on their game. For those who feel like they have been thrown back in time to 1998 when Pokemon Yellow was released for the gameboy, because it seems everyone is nuts over pokemon again. In my opinion it is so much better because this game gets people up and walking around.


Since this game was released while I was using it with a whole bunch of other users in Toronto last week. I started to think about the different user types which I can break down in this blog. First off there is the die hard pokemon collectors which are the people who probably first downloaded this game as soon as it was out, then there is the tag along friends who play this when all of their friends are playing it. These groups will share a lot of the same demographic information such as they are primarily 16-28, they are male and female and of course they liked playing pokemon games. Their key differences will be their values in playing the app.


Die Hard Pokemon collectors

Die hard Pokemon collectors will likely play this game alone or with friends, because they want to level up and they want to be ahead of people in the game. Before this they probably owned/collected pokemon merchandise, games and movies. They may even try to play with other die hard players to find better Pokemon. These players tend to recruit other players, they organize time to play this in parks and they probably play this game over 90 minutes a day.


Follow along friends

Follow along friend user types for the Pokemon game probably are not the biggest pokemon fans but they like to participate in activities with their friends. They probably only play the game when their friends are/ on social outings and they probably don’t own other pokemon merchandise. It’s not that this group doesn’t sincerely enjoy the app but they like to participate in a variety of social activities and they probably have more pressing interests. This group probably plays thirty minutes to an hour a day but probably doesn’t take the measures the other group does to play as hardcore.


Thank you for reading the Digi-Connex blog today. Want to discuss Pokemon Go? Leave a comment below. Otherwise thanks for reading and enjoy your week pokemon catchers!


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Why the UFC website is marketing machine? — July 9, 2016

Why the UFC website is marketing machine?

Welcome to the Digi-Connex blog, To start this blog if you want internet marketing services, a logo designed or Facebook advertising. Please email me for a consultation at I have some great website packages starting at $180. For that we are going to set up your social media pages, a logo, a news feed and put your photos on the website.

Today I want to start a series where I analyse some of the most effective sales websites on the internet. To start I want to analyse the website. For those who don’t know I am a huge UFC fan, I love martial arts and I do a kickboxing workout everyday. In looking at this website I will look at its revenue sources, the purpose of the website and why it attracts traffic.


Purpose of the UFC.CA Website

The website is designed to keep the audience up to date on events, fighter records, and fight promotions. This helps to sell pay-per views, merchandise and keep people in touch with all of their fighters. It is also important to note that as an extension of the UFC brand each fighter has their social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which allows them all to work on selling the events they participate at, individual merchandise and release information on their own sponsors. An important thing to note on this website is it is updated everyday, even multiple times a day on weekends. The reason this is important to note is it keeps the content on the website accurate and updated live, there are clear sales positioning for their events and they list a schedule for their press events which helps to effectively manage their public relations.


Website team size: Including graphics designers, photographers, content writers and the team responsible for updating, and the website engineer. I estimate this website is supported by a team of 6 people. If not 6 people way more, plus fighter social medias probably are managed by publicists or Public Relations teams.


Revenue sources from the website

The website generates revenue from third party website advertising, an E-Commerce shop for UFC and fighter merchandise, the Fight pass subscriptions and sales of PPV events.


Why does UFC.CA attract consistent traffic?

The UFC website attracts consistent traffic because it provides facts on UFC fighter win loss records, it allows you to get a live check on division rankings and it has several different areas on the website with different content contributors. For some websites having one content contributor might be enough. In the case of the UFC website everything is so big and everyone from the fighters, to the sponsors both octagon sponsors and fighter sponsors is so huge. That you definitely need multiple content contributors to manage the entire project.


What I learned from this website?

Multiple content contributors is a must for website content management. Which is why I have worked on developing a network of a Graphics designer, writer plus myself which manages sales and client management.  Also a lot of websites write a lot of hypothetical blogging content. In the case of UFC everything published is related to what happens around the UFC brand and Dana White which means there is something to be said about brand specific content. Also in the first 30 seconds on the website you can find some sales statement, don’t hide your sales statement in content, pictures and art.


To conclude the UFC website is a machine which serves effectively purpose for the brand the website attracts independent third party advertising, E-Commerce purchasing and it helps with PPV conversion. What the website has taught me? The website taught me that bridging to a sale at the start of a blog is an effective conversion strategy and consistent website updating makes your website an authority of your brand. It also taught me why your digital brand needs a team of management members not just a 1-2 people in charge of content updating.

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Should I go back to school? — July 7, 2016

Should I go back to school?

Below is my resume, please let me know if you think I can benefit from increasing my education. Below is prior job experience, hourly wages and job titles.

Ashton Deroy

Job experience

My business
$ Commission $

With my business I handle internet marketing for clients, small business administration and outbound sales. 

Customer Service
Hewlett and Packard
$12 hourly

For Hewlett and Packard I handled network set up for customer printers, Instant ink issues and printer technical support. 

Ad space sales
Willow Publishing
$ Commission $

At Willow Publishing I handled selling ad space for tourism booklets. I contacted existing company leads and baited my own leads.

Shaw Cable
$11.50 hourly

We dialled Shaw Cable and internet customers and offered home phone services. This was to service an ongoing sales promotion to Shaw Cable.

Business support
$11.50 hourly

Handled business to business accounts for cellular devices. Which included responsibilities in billing, tech support and activation. 

Telephone sales
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers I called their existing customers and tried to bundle all of their services with Rogers Communications. Our goal was to get all customers set up with Internet, Television and home phone. 

Experiential marketing
$11.50 hourly

For Actv8 we serviced the PC Plus client. Our job was to go around and activate Loyalty memberships for the PC plus program.

Customer service
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers Communications I handled billing, tech support and activation for accounts. This job also entailed a sales element where at the end of customer calls we were to bridge and offer more Rogers services. 


Interactive Marketing, Saint Lawrence College 2014-2015

Advertising and Marketing Communications, Loyalist College 2012-2014


A big problem with a lot of this work experience is at times there was low job satisfaction or I didn’t find it closely enough related to my career choice. I also made minimum wage in a lot of the prior described jobs or commission which was not enough to afford important things like independent living, recreational activities and travelling. What I would like moving forward from jobs is a lot more responsibility, a higher wage and job security. A lot of the prior mentioned jobs had employee firings as frequent occurrences even when attempts had been made to resolve problems.


More important than anything, I want to start on a career track at an advertising agency or I want to continue servicing my own clients and their ad campaigns. If I go back to school I will be adding Business administration and Marketing to my all ready existing educational background. 

So as the title asks, “Do you think going back to school is the right move to get on my career track?” 


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3 things we wish companies handled online — July 6, 2016

3 things we wish companies handled online

3 things we wish companies handled better online.png


Good morning everyone and welcome to Digi-Connex. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. After reading this post if you like it share the hyperlink at the top of the page on social media, Like Digi-Connex on Facebook. Even reach out to me in an email at . In this post I am going to talk about things that need to be optimised for accessibility, convenience and efficiency. 

In 2016 it might surprise you that not everyone has optimised their business online. Personal email access is blocked in most offices, TV companies still haven’t digitally optimised and not everyone knows how Skype works apparently. From a consumer, employee and perspective employee point of view. These innovations do not go unnoticed. Below are 3 things we wish companies were handling better online. 

  1. Streaming online/Digital download – Unfortunately some companies still don’t recognise how handy it is to make all of your content easy to stream or download online. Unfortunately if you don’t have an online distribution plan, it is likely the company’s content will mostly be stolen on this medium. The two best methods for setting this up seem to be by putting your content on the web seem to be the Netflix method with an unlimited streaming service, or uploading it to the Google Play Store so it can be purchased individually. With these two methods available there is not really an excuse to not be distributing content on the world wide web. 
  2. Personal Email access in the office – As an ex employee of a 3 call centres I have to say, no one’s private internal communications system is that effective! As a result problems that need to go to the back office are hassles in most software and processes are stunted. It is honestly to the point where I believe handling delicate information for point of purchase and customer service need to be two different departments entirely. In 2016 I believe the best way to handle customer resolution is make it a personal problem. This also take problem resolution as a job some people might choose to handle out of the office. Another benefit with using your personal email for work issues is that it connects people more to their jobs, plus developing internal email systems are expensive and they take up too much space on business servers. Also in my opinion if one of the reasons your office doesn’t do this is people abusing their email system, maybe the company needs to take more careful consideration with hiring. 
  3. Skype interviews – It would be nice if finding someone’s office in the middle of nowhere for a chance encounter that doesn’t land you a job was a thing of the past. How about instead of putting perspective employees out of their way to meet you for an interview you come to them. Talking about Skype job interviews, just interview with people over their laptop with no fuss. I think it would make everyone a lot happier with rejection for a job if they don’t have to go out of their way to arrive on location for a 20 minute interview. 

To conclude there are a lot of things that can be done to optimise companies in a digital age. Hopefully moving forward companies allow this digital age to empower employees, perspective employees and customers alike. I think these practices moving forward will be a great reflection of a company. If you or your company practice any of these things leave a comment below. 

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Designed/created a page now what? — July 4, 2016

Designed/created a page now what?

Designed it, now what (1)

Hello everyone it is Ashton Deroy, it is summer here in Brighton Ontario Canada. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as much as I am. Today on Digi-Connex we are going to talk about what you do after you have designed a project on the web.

You started a blog, passion project or vlog, or Facebook page for the purposes of taking your life in a new direction. Or maybe increasing your business presence online. So now what? Some people might think once you set it up you wait for it to attract attention. That is not how it works… You need 3 things for this to build any momentum what so ever.

  1. Increase reach-Radio ads, Facebook advertising and Kijiji are all great low price point starts. If they don’t produce any calls or leads though you may need to change your approach. With Facebook you get the results to your ad very quickly with Kijiji you should know after a week weather the post worked or not. When listing something on Kijiji it is important to remove your ad in a week or someone may consider you a viable victim for pranks/telephone solicitation.
  2. Print it – My business is on business cards, pens and my own resume. Once you print it what you do begins to feel very professional and very real. This is when you know that this is one of the things you do with your life. By printing your business logo, website address and contact information you are owning what you do. Printing also gives you something to physically distribute and create a call to action for person to person meetings. Print it
  3. Manage it– After you have advertised what you do. Don’t lose momentum on your project. Create content and discussions to keep the page active. If you attract leads make sure you are connecting with them and attempting to make sales.

This was Ashton Deroy a Marketing & Sales person for Digi-Connex. Do you have a website or special project you want to keep active? Call me at 647-831-1544. We can come up with a plan to get your project expanding, selling and functioning. Thank you for reading.




Marketing with Digi-Connex — June 29, 2016

Marketing with Digi-Connex

There are plenty of marketing and graphics design services out there. So why would you want to go with the Digi-Connex team? 



Everything starts out with a logo, and design concept to separate you from your competitors and create your own unique identity. We offer tier one logos like the ones above and tier two logos done by a graphics design expert at HaikuImage. Tier 1 logos are $30 and Tier 2 are $60.

Website Setup 

Premium websites.png

From a template website on to a full blown complete custom. Digi-Connex offers everything you need to get your .com service on the web.’s start at $80. Complete customs start at $1500. 

Sales & Promotion


It does not start and stop with design. Weather it is social media/website content or handling your radio advertising. Digi-Connex is a well rounded Advertising service that makes your brand’s awareness and sales our priority. We can take on content development and promotion for your brand. Run a Facebook campaign now for $200. 

We actually highly encourage using our promotion and content services above all else. Yes anyone can design you something pretty. But who else online can use it as a tool to promote and sell for your brand? The key to all of our successful campaigns is an element of sales and promotion. 

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Reasons not to direct your audience from a radio ad to a website. — June 25, 2016

Reasons not to direct your audience from a radio ad to a website.

Radio ads fact.png

I am not overly impressed with most websites truth be told. They do not create sales, they are too complicated and they are too flashy. I will get in to that more later… However if you take the time to put out a radio ad you should not direct your audience to your website. Below is the reasons you do not want to direct people from a radio ad to your website. 

It is not tied to your ad campaign –  WordPress websites all land on a blog page. Which is your business talks about things currently happening in regards to your business. If you are running a sales promotion but you wanted to update your customers to something cool that happened in your store for example. The audience from the radio station might find that instead of your call to action which is to sell discounted products or services. 

Sales – I think creating a call to action for a radio ad should be a lot more simple than we make it. Sell, Sell, Sell. Every ad should be designed to sell services to the audience and convert them in to consumers. When you direct consumers to your website unless it is an E-Commerce site or a news website that profits from advertisers. It is probably best to stick to a call to action purely designed to generate revenue. 

Chatting with a service rep – Do not ever say in a radio ad or  any kind of promotion. “Find us on Facebook.” Unless you are doing something AKA manning your Facebook. Some audience members use this as a point of contact so in a way it is like a business telephone. Don’t leave it ringing for no one to answer it. 

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ROCK 107 Radio advertising — June 24, 2016

ROCK 107 Radio advertising

Demographics for ROCK 107.png

These are the demographics to ROCK 107’s listeners. According to their advertising sales team they sell their ad space for $17-$33 a spot. Digi-Connex is going to charge $80 to handle purchasing and coordinating your entire ad. Currently we are looking to the costs of production for radio ads. However this does prove to be a hot opportunity to take advantage of traditional style advertising with a large reach in Quinte West.


Check out the services section of Digi-Connex.


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How to impress during an advertising pitch — June 23, 2016

How to impress during an advertising pitch

How to impress during an ad pitch or presentation..png

To start, I want to start off saying these are generalisations about clients and where I find there focuses lay. However this blog post will say how to impress a male and female client with Marketing services. With Marketing there are two focuses, strategy which translates into sales and design. When it comes to male clients you are going to be much more impressed on services you can offer that will translate into sales and with females you will find it is all about aesthetic. Here are some recommendations to impress both of these types of marketing clients. With a board if they are not all marketing experts themselves it could just be a matter of taking authority over the marketing.


To Impress a business man

Here are 3 ways to impress a male marketing client in a pitch:

  1. Show him numbers, show him an audience and show him sales and conversions. What he really wants is for your services to work.
  2. Show him demographics, research and theories that are sound. He wants to know his marketing is targeting the right consumers.
  3. Compared to female clients I find males have inexpensive tastes for setting up their marketing services. From their WordPress website, their Facebook and Twitter. They like things on the cheaper angle. Unless it is something with Google Adwords which can have high conversion success.


To Impress a business woman

Here are three ways to impress a female marketing client in a pitch:

  1. Design, if her budget permits it. Pitch designer website models and artistic social media layouts
  2. Show your graphic design portfolio. She is likely going to choose her marketing team largely on aesthetic.
  3. Show customer experience, I find with female clients they largely want to know what the customer experiences when their consumer comes in contact with a brand


How to impress a board

Here are three ways you might plan to impress a board with mixed gender decision makers for marketing choices:

  1. Take initiative, when Ashton Deroy was on Kingston Pride it was all about producing mock ups and getting strategy documents looked at.
  2. Share your posting schedule.
  3. Get access to their resources. The marketing for the Kingston Pride pageant could’ve been better if I sat with a graphics designer and got a look at more prior contestants.  


Digi-Connex is looking to handle your social media promotion/sales campaign. We can get you started for as little as $200 a week. To get started get in contact with Ashton Deroy at 647-831-1544. I hope we can get started talking about your Advertising needs.


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3 questions you should ask a lead — June 22, 2016

3 questions you should ask a lead

3 questions to ask about a sales lead.png

What you are willing to do or are supposed to do when you work for a sales agency with no interest in building your business? Sell with out thought of consequence. This does not fly when you are an entrepreneur working your own business what so ever. When you make a sale for a sales agency you basically only care if they can have the service with your company. When it is your own business you have a more intimate relationship with your customers and you need to know you are not going to set up a failed client relationship. 

When you are negotiating a sale here are three things you need to know about your client: 

  1. Can our service match your wants or needs? – Better to find out now if this matches what they want rather than when they cancel their services in a rage. Or when they want to sue your business for false advertising in the negotiation. To do this you can restate what you are offering and confirm customers questions and answer their questions honestly. 
  2. Does your location make you eligible? – Digi-Connex is now offering computer lessons. For the lesson plan it is probably better to service locals rather than people living in Toronto. You never want to promise services you can not deliver. “Do you live local to the business?” This may be a question worth asking.
  3. How much meeting time do your require – If you happen to handle professional catering this may be a question worth asking. In fact I now ask it. I do not want to spend 40 hours a week with a client who paid $60 for a sales website. The same goes for low cost accounts for any service companies. For accounts that require a lot of time consider talking them up to a high price point. 

3 questions to ask about a sales lead (1).png

Thank you for reading this post for Digi-Connex. 

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