What grandma used to say about first impressions

First impressions


If your grandma was anything like my grandma, she taught you the importance of making a good first impression. Making a good first impression is what you need to start a business relationship. With that in mind it astounds me when good business people do not have professional websites. Since making a good first impression is an art as old as our grandma’s time. Why do we think this doesn’t matter for our digital presence?

In case you did not know here is what not having a business web page says about your business?

  • You can’t be trusted with big business accounts
  • You don’t receive contact on the internet (Because you are not smart enough to)
  •  You are not a growth company rather you are content where you are at
  • You are poor, websites can be set up for as little as $60 a year. Not having a website says I am too broke for that.

To conclude making a good first impression is an art as old as our grandmother’s time. Make your impression on the web with a Digi-Connex advertising package. When people come across your business page. Do you want to give an impression of competence or dumb luck? Check out Digi-Connex’s packages here by clicking the hyper link below.

Digi-Connex packages



Please leave a comment, let me know what your grandma said to make sure you were giving a good first impression.






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