What you need to know about Event Advertising!

So you want to run an event?

Excellent the first things you need to decide are theme, cause, reason, and message that you want your event to convey. Next you need to decide is the event free to participate in or is there a fee to be apart. Next you need a poster to promote your event. Feel free to use any of these Googled posters for inspiration.


Googled posters


Advertising for your event!

Is your even free to access or is it going to cost money to participate in your event? If it is going to cost money to be apart of your event. Then you need to suck it it up and pay for basic Facebook, and Twitter Advertising to plug your event. You may even want to consider an event website, I am sorry it is a basic rule of business “You have to spend money to make money.” Facebook offers boosting posts to your target audience, ways of measuring your ad’s success. While Tweets can attract media coverage and create a viral effect.

Where Digi-Connex comes in

If you want your event to stand a chance at being a success you don’t just want to run any soggy ad campaign. Turn to Digi-Connex an expert group of social media strategists who make sure your campaign runs at optimum efficiency to your budget.


But I don’t want to spend money on ads

Like I said it is a basic rule of advertising, if you at all intend to make money off of your event you have to spend money for the reach. Every event needs something to attract an audience away from a night of Facebook and Netflix, it isn’t going to be done easily. Set a budget and goals that are realistic and wait for your event to be a success


Event Failure game plan

Guess what events can fail, due to no fault of advertising or even your committee. What is going to be done to amuse the few people that do show up for your event?


To conclude this is Digi-Connex on planning events. Feel free to connect with us on Social media below:



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