Using Facebook the right way

The power of Facebook


Written by Ashton Deroy

I started using Facebook when I was 14, and Twitter when I was 17. I have always been attracted to the idea of being able to communicate easily and tell my own story. So from the time I was 17 I have attempted to tell that story. The story of a teenager who didn’t necessarily have the easiest upbringing however managed to make his way through high school then Loyalist College where I graduated on the Dean’s list for Advertising and marketing communications.  Then managed to graduate St. Lawrence College in Interactive Marketing communications, where from there I worked a couple sales promotions jobs and began starting my own digital advertising business.

My point is, this is the story I use my Facebook and Twitter to tell. That is what Social media is for, you want to tell your life story, you are empowered to do that. You want to tell everyone you love cats, go ahead Facebook viewers love cats! If you want to share your idea, create a forum, share a personal or professional event this is what social media is for. Heck if you are volunteering for something you are passionate about and you want to draw more attendees you share it on Facebook!

Here is what you should avoid doing too much or at all on Facebook! :

  • Direct selling messages
  • Spam
  • Posts about drugs
  • Overly adult content
  • Losing your mind
  • Fighting with your friends and family

Honestly if you can avoid some of these pitfalls of social media it can be a wonderful place to get things done. Thank you for reading my story. I am Ashton from Digi-Connex, please connect with me on social media:

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