Why to sign with a new digital marketing service

Small Business

Why on earth would you sign with a new marketing company when there are so many expert agencies out there? Here is why you want to sign with a new marketing agency instead of a bigger name. First of all starting costs are low for Digi-Connex because we need to get clients through the door. Then the fact that you get dedicated marketing customer service, when you need it how you need it. Lastly “fresh knowledge reasoning” I am just out of college which means I am fresh with knowledge on how to get brands noticed in a digital space.

First off costs for Digi-Connex are lower than competitors. Providing you don’t want a big complete custom website project with an E-Commerce shop and all the bells and whistles your price is going to be pretty low. For example we took on an auto repairs shop on Dundas in Toronto Called Dignity repairs. Digi-Connex has them on a new web domain and blog for 3 months at just $60. Why so low? There is always room to grow later, you just have to start somewhere.

Secondly we you get a dedicated marketing service representative. I don’t know if anyone has seen Ashton’s resume but here it is for you to see again.

Ashton Deroy – Customer Service resume

The resume consists of customer service, sales and promotional experience. Ashton is not afraid to engage in conversations with your customers and even sell them on promotional packages.


Lastly the reason to go with a small independent marketer is to get the fresh knowledge of someone who just completed three years of college. Marketing is a trendy, and changing profession where you have to be knowledgeable on the latest information to keep up.  Having a fresh education helps with that very much and showing that you have executed prior campaigns with success is also an asset. For example the LGBT events campaign ran for Kingston Pride, or even the current operating Non-Binary Canada campaign. 


To conclude these are the reasons why you want to sign with an upcoming marketing business. Remember we are Digi-Connex and we connect businesses to customers. Thank you for reading today’s blog.

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