Re: 5 words Millionaires understand differently

Timothy Skyes – Written by Timothy Skyes

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5 words millionaires differently understand

Response from: Ashton Deroy

I wanted to clarify my response here as well. If Millionaires understand the word “fear” differently it is only because they have forgotten the struggle you have when you are a poor person trying to control their life with a start up business. I love mostly because they are either going to post something so cliché I am going to laugh, or they post something inspiring.  However who the heck are they talking to with a post title called “5 words millionaires understand better than anyone else” ?  I am pretty sure most of your readers are start up ventures like me.

Usually I find posts insightful and inspiring about how Entrepreneurs are this different breed of people. This post really seemed to me like a desperate attempt to produce half par content. An example of the quality of the content in this post can really be seen on the Millionaire Student post they shared. Which looks to clearly be some sort of get rich quick scam.

These are just my thoughts on this post ran by . Try again next blog I guess. Thank you for reading my response, please connect with my brand on the

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