3 things your business needs to do now!

3 things your business needs to do now!

This is not a post about some suggested practices to improve business performance, or revenue. These are things businesses need to start doing right now to exist in 2016! From what you are doing with your customers, how you are treating employees, and dealing with marketing. These will be things to improve your business right now because if you are not doing these things. PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT! Employees, customers and stakeholders talk about these things.

  1. Customer loyalty recognition– In exchange for boosting immediate sales business are choosing to sacrifice customer loyalty. I would never offer a first time customer discount to a business, I would purely offer retention offers. If I believed in discounting my service at all. I do not… This is not discount marketing!
  2. Employee appreciation–  I don’t mean giving away free freezes or doing a free barbecue. That does not really hurt either. You have to make sure they feel respected at work. If they don’t feel like they are making an impact or are being constantly micro managed they always have one foot out the door!
  3. Get a website– Why am I here? I sell commercial websites for as low as $60. Truth be told it has never been easy to set up a website! There is no substitute a Facebook is not a website, a TumblR is not a website and YouTube is not a website.


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