Creative people you should hire to update your company website.


People to write content

Many businesses have what I like to refer to as dormant websites. In what I mean by that is the websites exist but they are not very active at all. The websites simply exist to be indexed on the world wide web. Well stop leaving your websites inactive because it is a waste of the money of putting it up. Instead have someone hired or trained to update your website! Here are some great people for running your digital communications who you might not think of initially.

  1. Journalism students/graduates – Journalism/media students are trained to break the story and get it coverage. If there is anyone who knows how to spin off your brand’s story it is them. Chances are telling your brand’s story will be easy in comparison to what they were taught in school. So they are definitely a great choice to keep an active website and sales tool.
  2. Charismatic influencers– Ever met the people you’d describe as the popular ones in High School? They just have a way of talking where they make people laugh and they are very popular with your staff. This is the person you want communicating on behalf of your company. Too many times companies have HR deal with the communications and it comes off stiff an irritating. Instead hire someone who actually knows what it takes to be interesting.
  3. Your top sales staff– The purpose of promoting a top sales rep in to a marketing role is using their transitional sales skills, using their rebuttal skills and charisma. The outcome are increases social media conversion, customer satisfaction and positively measured consumer reviews.
  4. Vloggers – People who recreationally do vlogs on YouTube are fantastic to update your website. These people have been practising their communications skills solo and they know what types of content work and what does not. These people are creative, attractive usually and they can be very professional or comical. These are the types of creative people you want developing your content.
  5. Freelance marketers– Although below I mention not hiring graduates of the marketing program. I still say you should hire freelance marketers. These are people who are experienced and passionate about writing content and they usually have memorized their rates. Get a blog started with Digi-Connex today for only $60. Have your website content managed.


Don’t hire these people to communicate for your company!

  1. Graduates of Advertising or Public relations programs– I’ve seen too many times where these students get hired and the employers see they have great ideas but sloppy execution. It gets even worse when they spend too much time perfecting something that it doesn’t actually make the digital deadline. Also in a lot of cases these people are too external from your company, if they don’t know the company they shouldn’t talk for it. To conclude in my opinion these programs need massive re-vamping before producing high quality workers.
  2. Human Resources – The soft spoken boring reps from your companies’ HR department should not be speaking for your brand. It makes the messaging come across stiff and contrived! Instead promote really good talkers, sales people or customer service reps. They probably have the personality to communicate with colour. An example of boring communications delegated to HR. Is the StarTek Facebook page in Kingston. This company has likely spent $2000 in advertising. However likely is wasting most of the money and on Facebook. The results have turned in to only 135 likes.
  3. Relatives– Unless your relatives have a massive amount of freelance marketing experience. Do not hire your teenage daughters to operate your Facebook page! Just because she knows how to work a Snap Chat, Instagram and put memes on Facebook. Does not mean she can produce top quality content.
  4. Engineers – Computer science! Not customer communications… These are boring people to have updating the website who will only put on the website what you tell them to put up.
  5. Graphic designer –  Sometimes when you hire a graphic designer they don’t necessarily know selling. If you do want to produce high quality graphics for a business page that is fine. However you probably want to pair this person with someone who is a descent content writer.


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    1. Yep, however my classmates produce a lot of boring/stiff work. They don’t even really like what they do! It is just a 9-5 not a passion. I also think I ended up picking up a lot of my skills in this profession on my own. So I don’t think a lot of them really have that experience that you need to run a successful small business campaign. If they graduated then moved to freelance marketing then I highly recommend them, if they graduated and went to corporate Advertising jobs they lost their creativity a long time ago. It died with their corporate jobs.


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