Marketing to make the right conversations

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In Marketing some people think you can talk to every target the same. The fact is with my 3 months of telephone sales, I learned not every lead is worth wild.  To make a increased sales margin for a business you need to have a system for persuasion that include everything from targeting for your lead generation, developing a rapport or a friendship with people you target for sales and what you are willing to do, what you are willing to spend and what you are willing to do. Also what is your lead’s pain point?

Is the lead worth wild?

I used to sell cable for Rogers Communications. We wasted a lot of money and sales people’s hours contacting prospects who don’t have the interest in the service expansion. They didn’t consider cliché “great buyers” Lets make an example, one of things we had to do on the phone is actually ask our customers “Do you have an internet provider?” Of course we would be asking 90 year old half blind grandma who has no interest in the service. They have the telephone and the Television but they are 90 and they do not want Netflix.

You do not want to be making presentations as small business world to people who do not want your service/product. Look at demographics like age, sex, likes and information. The great news is that consumer information is all out there because this information is all on what advertising platform?

Facebook does it all

What is your persuasion system?

  • What features do you talk up?
  • How does it benefit your customer?
  • Where do competing products or service fail?
  • Why is your company better suited for their business?

What are you willing to spend and what are you willing to do?

Money talks, if you don’t put a lot of money in to your sales tactics you don’t get a lot back. You also want to focus on strategy which makes the difference between small businesses which have huge market growth with in the first five years in comparison to businesses that don’t make it past the first five years. What are you willing to spend? If you are test marketing you don’t have to spend over $100 if you are strategic enough. Just create an advertising plan and a sales strategy using my for my formula for success.


Formula for success


Now that you have read this blog, I hope you like my presentation that will be posted today from my YouTube channel on strategic conversation.


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