Virtual reality, still the future of communications!

Ashton Digi-Connex

Virtual office set up

Today Ashton Deroy was putting PNG files over the 3D objects in the format of the virtual world of Second Life. I set up a logo, office chair, desk and links in the virtual reality to get potential clients to my business page. I also added textures to clothing articles for my avatar and messed with layering.

New potential client opportunities opening up

As of now I can look to add a few new clients types to the team with Digi-Connex such as, people who develop avatar clothing. American businesses looking to reach technologically advanced customers and an array of potential passion projects. It is impossible to say for sure what other avenues this opens for Digi-Connex, even I was surprised with outside of Secondlife clients signed ranging from human rights activists to an auto mechanic.

Check out our location!

If you have the SecondLife software then login in and click through to this link to see the new office for Digi-Connex. Click the photo below to find our Secondlife location or add Avatar name AshtonDeroy



Thank you for reading today’s post. Be sure to connect with Digi-Connex and the blog writer Ashton Deroy below on Facebook and Twitter:

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