What you can do to increase your blog traffic

How to increase your blog traffic

Hey not every blog is perfect. Sometimes we post things that can be hit & miss. Sometimes we can get a little sales heavy when we should let sales happen more organically. Other times we just don’t traffic the blog correctly by dropping links in high traffic areas. If you are reading this today here is a sure fire way to get more traffic on your WordPress blog!

1.) Pictures – If your blog doesn’t have a picture to promote the post it should at least have a video. The fact is as intelligent as some people are their brain still wants things like audio or visual stimulants to keep their attention. When adding the pictures to the blog or even social media post make sure the picture is relevant, interesting and  high quality. Pictures naturally grab out attention, this is why photography blogs are so popular.

Photography blog 

2.) Videos – WordPress supports YouTube plugins with their partnership with Google. Take advantage of that, turn you Blog in to a broadcast once in a while. If you link the video you post on YouTube to your WordPress blog it will help re-direct an audience to the blog and increase your blog traffic. It also helps to create a better connection with the person running the blog for users.

3.) Post lengths – Nothing like positioning yourself on the authority of a topic. However there are different theories on what lengthy posts achieve for blogs. Refer to this theory assembled by TheWritePractice.

  • 75-300 words. Super-short posts are best for generating discussion.
  • 300-600 words. The standard blogging length, recommended by many “expert” bloggers. Good middle-ground for social shares and comments.
  • 750 words. This is the standard length for professional journalism.
  • 1000-1500 words. You’ll get fewer comments at this length but a lot more shares on social media.
  • 2,450 words. The highest ranking articles on Google are most often 2,450 words.

4.) Links in high traffic Facebook groups – I do not understand why sometimes people do not want to link their blog or vlog to their Facebook page. However it is your friends who will be your initial audience for any blog post your write. After that you want to be posting your blog links in high traffic Facebook groups, chat forums and any relevant forums you can think of.

5.) Own your web domain – There is nothing sleek or professional about yourdomain.wordpress . Buy the domain name if you are really passionate about your project.


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