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No business works without a team, at Digi-Connex we’ve been fortunate enough to create a team of writers, photographers and family. Take a look below at the WordPress sites working to help deliver the Digi-Connex service. We are just creative people trying to get paid for what we love doing and right now we are doing more than we dreamed of with our projects. Thank you to Diana Skye and Kyle for hopping on board and being apart of a team.

ItsDianaSkye – Content writer, vlogger & beauty guru. Diana Skye is our cruelty free human rights activist. She can be used to work on the content from a number of accounts from Digi-Connex‘s page to Non-Binary Canada. Diana is a passionate blogger and if you are a suitable client for her she can get the work done to get your brand noticed on the web. Click the hyperlink on her name to check her out.

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HaikuImage – Kyle Deroy’s website is all about photography. Him along side his best friend are working to create a photography business out of Belleville Ontario. They will also handle the photographing for Digi-Connex, Quinte Community Matters & Non-Binary Canada plus where ever else we need the Haiku Image team. “I’m a nurse with a photography problem.” – Kyle Deroy

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