How to work with sales people?

Make sales work for you

So you are an entrepreneur and you are looking to add a sales team you probably have a couple of questions or concerns. In this post I am going to teach you how to work with sales people. What your job is? What their job is? You might be surprised to learn the actual scope of support of sales people.

Develop leads for sales people

A lead is a prospective customer who is on the market for what you are selling. Meaning you can sell to these people. They are not just strangers off the street. If you have developed leads you have communicated with the potential consumers, determined a need or want, and confirmed eligibility. If any of these things have not been done in determining the lead, the lead is not effective.

A commission paid sales person’s job is not to develop leads but rather it is to contact those leads. The literal only thing you pay a commission sales person for is transactions. They tend not to have the patience to run down areas with no possible success. If you have a sales/marketing employee they will do both developing leads and selling but they do not work on commission. You set an actual marketing budget and wage with them to give them power to create the leads.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

You need a way to retrieve consumer social media accounts, email addresses & phone numbers. Advertising is how you retrieve these things. Which is how you create a sales lead. Don’t be surprised however if you are advertising for 3-6 months without hooking in a single sale. Welcome to the world of business. Who you initially think are your customers do not always fit the puzzle.

You need plenty of time and an allocated budget to experiment with your targeting, messaging and communication styles.

Happy sales staff sells more

Excuse me one second, if you use the common sales phrase. “Fake it until you make it.” buzz off jerk!  That is a very mentally unhealthy attitude. You need legitimately happy sales staff, weather on commission or wages. If the work environment is not fun, your customers/clients will not have fun either. There is no short cuts for making people legitimately happy. People commonly associate happiness with freedom, security and valued.

You need a plan to hit all of these points other wise you are just wasting your time and resources funding miserable sales people. The thing I am really saying is unhappy sales people should just call in sick. Further more I can’t believe what a miserable place customer service/sales has become corporate wise. It has become the place where people go to countdown from the clock until their day is over. Then it is the place people dread to go to the very next morning.

Sales used to be some of the most fun jobs you could get. What happened to working sales? Now people avoid sales like the plague as something of anxiety stress & sadness. Its crazy to think but a lot of this could be avoided if we looked at people like people instead of measurable office equipment.

A great article by forbes on increasing productivity with happy sales people

With great micromanagement comes great turn over

Nothing like micromanaging good sales people to make them quit. You are going to find if you treat employees like children, they will act like children. Instead try to give them their freedom, if they got hired there must of been a reason. Your job is to train them, and set expectations but beyond that leave them alone.

Processes that are a waste of time

  • Employee reviews
  • Sales quotas
  • Time limit per sales

But I will get in to those a bit more on a later blog.

Thank you for reading the Digi-Connex blog on working with sales people. I just hope this helps make people see that sales people are not magicians they have an actual process that needs to be followed by an entrepreneur to make them effective sales people. Also if you have never sold for your project as the business owner don’t expect someone else to do it well. Sales people are who you hire when you have a process not the people to create the process.

To create your very own sales/marketing strategy with an expert call me Ashton Deroy at 647-831-1544 or email at

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