Rules for event promotion/advertising

Golden rules for Event promotion & Advertising

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Sometime in life you may have to organize an event and try to sell tickets for it. Fill up a restaurant or a club. When this happens you are going to want a solid advertising strategy to achieve your goal. Something beyond hanging up a couple of posters around town. You are going to want an advertising strategy consisting of direct contacting, social media boosting & direct selling. Basically to sell something for a specific date you are going to want to do everything shot of screaming from the rooftops! So what are the rules for event promotion and Advertising?

  1. Have promotion & Advertising for an event ready 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Use all mediums possible. Radio, bulletin boards, social media, mobile media & boosting.
  3. Definitely purchase ad space! You need to set a budget for how much you need to spend on Advertising then spend it. Spend the money to exist on mediums in an impacting way.
  4. Get an influencer helping. Recruit someone with a huge social media pull and get them to help with your event.
  5. Use video promotion, posters are not enough!
  6. Is it a charity for a certain issue? Talk about that issue in an open forum. The more engagement with your potential attendees the better.

I am Ashton Deroy from Digi-Connex and these are my six guidelines for handling event promotion.

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