Get heard online.

Pay attention strategy

There is something to be said about using a newsletter strategy to promote your business. You want to be an influence, you want to grow your presence & you want your opinion heard. Promoting an online Newsletter is the key. With video & written content you can position yourself as the expert, measure your influence with strategic measurements & create leads within your strategy.

Its in the name to

Making Quinte Community Matters my newsletter campaign, made it so Quinte Community matters is an authority with in Quinte West. If you search Quinte West on popular social media this channel is bound to show up at some point. The next key was to take a stand, News papers cover the News but Quinte Community Matters covers opinions! No one is going to notice someone being quiet about happenings in the town.

Sometimes you have to be loud and you have to be passionate!

When Ashton Deroy first started this blog he was angry about the conditions of a call center he had been employed at. Then after realizing it wasn’t just a matter of issues in the sales center environment. It was actually also an issue of feeling like Ashton had no other options! However also knowing that many other people felt the same way.

Want to start a Newsletter?

Contact: 647-831-1544 or

We can get started on a strategy for a Newsletter, content and a content distribution strategy. The cost is a minimum of $100 but it is worth it to share your voice with your community.



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