Three things you can do instead of removing a Facebook friend


Weather you are a writer, a content developer or an entrepreneur. Nothing like putting your opinion on the world wide web to start an argument and kill some of your digital friendships. Friends will come and go with time, that much is a cliche. However if you are in any of the mentioned professions and you are removing friends or having arguments online it may be time to look in to some other options to keep the equity in your Social media Networks.

Aim for a resolve

In customer service we are taught to discuss and aim for a fix to every argument. Previously describing the HP Instant ink program was no easy task. Given it was an invention in the industry of printing. When on HP I was taught to resolve customer issues by explaining the program and its benefits rather than argue and allow the customer to disconnect.

This prove that there is a way to resolve with even silly Facebook arguments. Don’t let yourself be pushed around but at the same time explain that you are running off your own theories not looking to step on anyone’s feet. Of course not every issue can be solved this way. When this issue doesn’t work suggest a secondary action.

Unfollow and mute chats



The internet allows people who should not be engaging in conversation all the time to engage constantly. Take control and take yourself out of the conversation rather than constantly engaging. Make sure to explain first off that you need some space in a way that is not condescending. Beyond that if the other party chooses to unfriend you, at least you are working on the bad habit of not trimming your social media network.

Respect the right to opinions

I look at all disagreements on Facebook as discussions related to the post. Not ways to look at an individual personally,  now this doesn’t mean that the person should have a right to spam their opinion on their wall. In that case it may be the best thing to hit the unfriend button. However otherwise respect people’s right to comment and if you are commenting respect people’s right to be a little offended.

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