Time vs Money in marketing

Time vs Money

Sometimes in Marketing clients get confused about what platforms need the time and dedication and what platforms need the content. It is a slippery slope which can often lead to important members of the business wasting their time in creating content for something that isn’t growing their contacts. With this blog you can better decide where to allocate your internet advertising funds for your future ad campaigns. So let’s get started with what platforms need your time, which will better grow your network with your money.



Twitter– Twitter isn’t very good a regional targeting with their sponsored tweets. So unless you are running an Ecommerce business I really feel you are best dedicating your time to this platform.

TumblR – TumblR now has advertising options how ever I can’t help but feel their conversion rates would be lower given this attracts a younger audience. For this reason I would say don’t spend more than your time on this platform.

SnapChat– This platform needs your time and the ability to take pictures. Your SnapChat is not working if you are not posting anything interesting.



Facebook- Facebook still has the widest reach and the ability to do specific targeting with their ad campaigns. Honestly it doesn’t matter how much you post really, as long as you run an ad once in awhile.


Google AdWords – This is a worth wild way of spending your businesses advertising money if you are a ECommerce business. Otherwise I feel the conversion is quite what you are looking for.


Kijiji – Posting is fine, for getting solicitations! However if you want to make some money paying to promote your Kijiji ads will get you the bang you need for your buck. My ads that have ran on promotions with Kijiji receive 10 times the traffic of a normal post.


To conclude knowing where to spend your time and your money can save your business a lot of trouble/money in the future. I am Ashton Deroy from Digi-Connex, I hope everyone had a good May 24th weekend. At this time we opened our graphics department with Haiku Image, click the link to check them out. Sign up for our basic digital branding deal for $120. This includes a logo, Facebook set up, Twitter setup and a WordPress website.



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