How to start your day in Marketing

Typical day of a Marketer

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Forget everything you know about marketing though, even if you have College education and happen to do Market research. You are nothing more than glorified sales people. It does not matter how creative you happen to be, in the industry of marketing. You are a sales person and you need to prove yourself with huge sales numbers.

So as you can imagine this is a lot of stress on your shoulders in Marketing with business revenues resting in your hands. So how do you manage the stress in day to day Marketing. Well from 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM you want to take some time to meditate and shake off some of that stress.

Enlightenment in nature

Then after that you want to take time to handle your grooming. Followed by a coffee to get your brain sharp.

cup of coffee

By 8:00 AM you should either be cold calling or producing marketing content. I make it a goal to at least have 6 sales pitches a day. However at all times during your work day everything should be done to make a client happy, or acquire new clients.


The day is done by 4:00 PM unless there is a scheduled pitch. The reason being is usually this is not the optimum time for content or conversion.

This is the regular life of a Marketer. Think this life sounds glamorous? Realistically most people will probably be working on commission or for free to build a portfolio. Unless you are driven by passion and determination most people will end up burning out from this profession.

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