Welcome to Digi-Connex/What to know about digital branding


Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex we are an internet marketing brand based out of Brighton Ontario. We can handle social media boosting, sponsored tweets, Google Ad words campaigns and setting up a website for your brand. In the past some of our biggest achievements include getting press for our clients, boosting promotional sales and improving the quality of customer service on our client’s Facebook page. Why hire me Ashton and possibly my team to your brand?

Our team

Currently we are all a network of independent internet marketing freelancers. However with time and clients Digi-Connex would like to grow in to a full blown advertising operation. Here are some of our rates on some of our offerings. If you see a service you like give Ashton a call at the phone number below.

What you need to know about Digital Marketing:

  • All Marketing projects require a quality logo to enforce brand legitimacy
  • Mobile Marketing is now, you need to be using web software like WordPress to build a legitimate computer and mobile website.
  • Measure everything, your marketer should be telling you about click through rates, video views, likes and conversion.
  • Record what people are saying about your marketing. It helps to understand barriers between your audience and you as well as preparing strategy for sales.
  • Nothing over $10 sells immediately. Its what I refer to as the Netflix rule. Anything at or below $9.99 can almost sell itself. Anything above that requires extensive marketing to convert people.
  • Remind people to call a telephone number as many people still use the phone to set up meetings, appointments and etc.
  • Lastly content is king, it keeps your brand top of mind, the content if written properly calls for people to purchase from the brand and


Team projects

Blog/Brand set up– Perfect for small businesses we set you up with a WordPress.com blog, a few blog posts and a logo. For only $180.

Facebook Advertising – We will set up your Facebook and we will run your Facebook ads for a week for a budget of $200. Some fees are used to pay team members. Consider the cost of paying for a proper digital logo at $60. To run Facebook ads.

Kijiji listing – Make the most of your Kijiji listing with Daily management. The problem is with Kijiji listings people don’t pull ads that don’t work. With our team we will change the ad daily if the ad is not creating inbound customers. Kijiji management $150.

Digital Commission based sales promotion– We don’t take sales promotions on without a minimum deposit of $100. However the benefits will be increasing your sales, digital presence and sentiment measurement for your offering.

To hire us for any of these services please call us as 647-831-1544.

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