What to do when selling ad space.

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Advertising is the magic word which people think of when they look to get paid for their hobby websites, flyers, newspapers and radio stations. Everyone thinks “I will do what I love and advertisers will magically pay me for it.” Not really the reality of things… In doing that you are trying to compete with some major platforms who make buying their ad spaces much easier and even automated. Examples of platforms who digitally automate their marketing? Google ad words, Facebook, Twitter, Google’s automated banner ads, YouTube, Kijiji and Tumblr. That is right the job of selling ad space has been taken over by software in a lot of cases! 

If I had of known how easy it was to set up a .com and publish content I would of never accepted my first job in Advertising. I was supposed to sell ad space on a website called Chinlock.com . Have you ever heard the phrase “The medium is the message” created by Marshall McLuhan. Well if this is truly the case for Chinlock then the only message people can pay to put up on Chinlock.com is “We support midlife crisis projects!” 

Not that it wasn’t fun taking 20 hours to assemble leads when I was a young Advertising student with no experience. However truthfully I would never do it again, I got no where with them. There content schedule wasn’t regular enough, they weren’t properly measuring their website traffic and lastly I requested the web master create a page on the website where people interested in Advertising could go to contact me and create inbound leads and they never followed through! Not nearly enough was done. For another project I may of paid to acquisition some of my own leads. However truth be told I was young and I got this job because I wanted money not I wanted to invest in customer acquisition costs. 

So are you thinking about selling ad space for something? Here is what you need in order to do it correctly: 

  • A .com web page to take inbound leads
  • Paid advertisements, use ads to sell ad space
  • A deposit from your employer. Personally I am not using my phone to sell for someone unless I get a bit of money to pay the bill 
  • Audience facts, be able to assemble reports about the people consuming your content 
  • A professional email address for instance, for example I will be setting up an email Admin@Digi-Connex.com 


Final thought: Also personally I wouldn’t sell an advertising spot for under $100. We were selling $20 ad space spots for Chinlock but even if we sold we weren’t even going to cover the potential costs for a graphics designer. Designers need a minimum $60 pay out for projects if they are nice. Plus I really should be making more than $10 a sale which isn’t even going to go back in to my business. 

To set up a meeting call 647-831-1544. Or contact Ashton Deroy through the Facebook page below.

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