Marriage of Design & Sales.

Marriage of design and sales.png

Take a look at some of the recent graphics work being done by the Digi-Connex team. Recently we completed the Digi-Connex family by adding a Graphics designer and writer to the team. If you like the work below call 647-831-1544 or email to set up an appointment r pitch to We have done anything from Non-Profit logos, to legal office logos and even prior work for Ad agencies. 

Kella Thompson PI

Private Investigator logo. 

A&J Digital Media

Advertising agency logo

Non-Binary Canada.png

Third Gender website logo 

Truthfully I am just messing around but I got told some of what I was doing was kind of cool so I decided to post it on Digi-Connex. For those who don’t know the service we offer with Digi-Connex has far more to do with sales/marketing strategy and coordination than it does have to do with design. Truthfully you can have a super creative and cryptic website if you wanted but then no one would buy your product/services. With the service at Digi-Connex we prefer to focus on Marketing that will translate in to sales rather than design elements. 

You want design pure and simple?

Talk to the graphics designer and an engineer. They will cost more and they won’t really teach you how to sell your brand. 

Copy of Internet MarketingWhy Sales & Marketing is the focus?

Too many people will say it is not all about revenue, the only strategy isn’t hard sales. As a sales person I agree to some a brand needs to be established to build customer rapport. However say the brand you operate is a new Start up or you are a project attempting to be monetised. As a project leader you already know this is about lining your pockets with money. Do not let an Advertiser take that away from you. Their job should never be less than to increase your sales. 

Purpose: The purpose of every marketing campaign is to create a buzz which is measured my an increase of sales, network increase and lead generation.

Outcome: Sales, Sales, Sales. If I was able to sell to four clients in my first year of operations.Digi-Connex can sell for your brand, we have also seen our client family see success with the press, improved customer satisfaction and increased subscriber networks.

Goal moving forward: Well Digi-Connex would love to marry design and sales in to the entire project with a sales expert in charge,a graphics designer on the team as well as a paid writer. 

Unique selling point: Unique selling point for Digi-Connex, is we don’t design it then leave it. No matter your budget we want to make sure you are operating a campaign that does its job. Too many times you see a graphics designer, web designer grab a client create them something really cool… Then abandon them with something they couldn’t know less about using. 

That isn’t us and that isn’t our tagline. We “Connect businesses to customers.” Meaning if you are not connected with your customers we actually haven’t done our job. Its our brand promise it is our unique selling point it is what we believe in. To be honest a design means nothing if no one is going to see it. That isn’t Marketing and it is not good for business. 

You want to connect with your customers?

Get a brand started for $180. Just call 647-831-1544.


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