3 ways to increase digital sales.

3 ways to increase  digital sales

Online sales is a tricky business. I theorise there are three basic ways to make sales online. Offer services and digital offers for under $10, make your brand hot through social media promotion and sleek design.. Lastly contacting all digital leads individually. Bare in mind for these theories I am not saying to use all three. Using any one or mix of these will probably get your business where it needs to go online. 

  1. Make online offers under $10– For things under $10 you don’t even need to market it individually. You can just use brand marketing to sell your offers. Anything under $10 sells itself because people think “meh, lets give it a try! ” For proof look at the beginning subscription numbers for Netflix and UFC Fight pass which is a digital service. 
  2. Sleek design and social media – Sometimes a creative image and well designed ads can be what your business needs to make the sales you seek. This tactic might seem costly but it can create real world business relationships. With this method you are likely paying for graphic design, web design and social media ads. Its not the cheapest method but it can pay off in the long term. 
  3. Contacting all leads – For me I don’t just contact inbound emails and phone calls. I actually go as far to talk to people who like an ad I post on Facebook. As far as I am concerned if they liked the post they stepped in my store and I need to be asking questions to bait a lead. Which will lead in to the next post three questions to ask before you make a sales offer. 

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