3 questions you should ask a lead

3 questions to ask about a sales lead.png

What you are willing to do or are supposed to do when you work for a sales agency with no interest in building your business? Sell with out thought of consequence. This does not fly when you are an entrepreneur working your own business what so ever. When you make a sale for a sales agency you basically only care if they can have the service with your company. When it is your own business you have a more intimate relationship with your customers and you need to know you are not going to set up a failed client relationship. 

When you are negotiating a sale here are three things you need to know about your client: 

  1. Can our service match your wants or needs? – Better to find out now if this matches what they want rather than when they cancel their services in a rage. Or when they want to sue your business for false advertising in the negotiation. To do this you can restate what you are offering and confirm customers questions and answer their questions honestly. 
  2. Does your location make you eligible? – Digi-Connex is now offering computer lessons. For the lesson plan it is probably better to service locals rather than people living in Toronto. You never want to promise services you can not deliver. “Do you live local to the business?” This may be a question worth asking.
  3. How much meeting time do your require – If you happen to handle professional catering this may be a question worth asking. In fact I now ask it. I do not want to spend 40 hours a week with a client who paid $60 for a sales website. The same goes for low cost accounts for any service companies. For accounts that require a lot of time consider talking them up to a high price point. 

3 questions to ask about a sales lead (1).png

Thank you for reading this post for Digi-Connex. 

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