How to impress during an advertising pitch

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To start, I want to start off saying these are generalisations about clients and where I find there focuses lay. However this blog post will say how to impress a male and female client with Marketing services. With Marketing there are two focuses, strategy which translates into sales and design. When it comes to male clients you are going to be much more impressed on services you can offer that will translate into sales and with females you will find it is all about aesthetic. Here are some recommendations to impress both of these types of marketing clients. With a board if they are not all marketing experts themselves it could just be a matter of taking authority over the marketing.


To Impress a business man

Here are 3 ways to impress a male marketing client in a pitch:

  1. Show him numbers, show him an audience and show him sales and conversions. What he really wants is for your services to work.
  2. Show him demographics, research and theories that are sound. He wants to know his marketing is targeting the right consumers.
  3. Compared to female clients I find males have inexpensive tastes for setting up their marketing services. From their WordPress website, their Facebook and Twitter. They like things on the cheaper angle. Unless it is something with Google Adwords which can have high conversion success.


To Impress a business woman

Here are three ways to impress a female marketing client in a pitch:

  1. Design, if her budget permits it. Pitch designer website models and artistic social media layouts
  2. Show your graphic design portfolio. She is likely going to choose her marketing team largely on aesthetic.
  3. Show customer experience, I find with female clients they largely want to know what the customer experiences when their consumer comes in contact with a brand


How to impress a board

Here are three ways you might plan to impress a board with mixed gender decision makers for marketing choices:

  1. Take initiative, when Ashton Deroy was on Kingston Pride it was all about producing mock ups and getting strategy documents looked at.
  2. Share your posting schedule.
  3. Get access to their resources. The marketing for the Kingston Pride pageant could’ve been better if I sat with a graphics designer and got a look at more prior contestants.  


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