Reasons not to direct your audience from a radio ad to a website.

Radio ads fact.png

I am not overly impressed with most websites truth be told. They do not create sales, they are too complicated and they are too flashy. I will get in to that more later… However if you take the time to put out a radio ad you should not direct your audience to your website. Below is the reasons you do not want to direct people from a radio ad to your website. 

It is not tied to your ad campaign –  WordPress websites all land on a blog page. Which is your business talks about things currently happening in regards to your business. If you are running a sales promotion but you wanted to update your customers to something cool that happened in your store for example. The audience from the radio station might find that instead of your call to action which is to sell discounted products or services. 

Sales – I think creating a call to action for a radio ad should be a lot more simple than we make it. Sell, Sell, Sell. Every ad should be designed to sell services to the audience and convert them in to consumers. When you direct consumers to your website unless it is an E-Commerce site or a news website that profits from advertisers. It is probably best to stick to a call to action purely designed to generate revenue. 

Chatting with a service rep – Do not ever say in a radio ad or  any kind of promotion. “Find us on Facebook.” Unless you are doing something AKA manning your Facebook. Some audience members use this as a point of contact so in a way it is like a business telephone. Don’t leave it ringing for no one to answer it. 

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