Marketing with Digi-Connex

There are plenty of marketing and graphics design services out there. So why would you want to go with the Digi-Connex team? 



Everything starts out with a logo, and design concept to separate you from your competitors and create your own unique identity. We offer tier one logos like the ones above and tier two logos done by a graphics design expert at HaikuImage. Tier 1 logos are $30 and Tier 2 are $60.

Website Setup 

Premium websites.png

From a template website on to a full blown complete custom. Digi-Connex offers everything you need to get your .com service on the web.’s start at $80. Complete customs start at $1500. 

Sales & Promotion


It does not start and stop with design. Weather it is social media/website content or handling your radio advertising. Digi-Connex is a well rounded Advertising service that makes your brand’s awareness and sales our priority. We can take on content development and promotion for your brand. Run a Facebook campaign now for $200. 

We actually highly encourage using our promotion and content services above all else. Yes anyone can design you something pretty. But who else online can use it as a tool to promote and sell for your brand? The key to all of our successful campaigns is an element of sales and promotion. 

Like Digi-Connex on Facebook. Call us at 647-831-1544 for advertising & promotion services. 




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