Designed/created a page now what?

Designed it, now what (1)

Hello everyone it is Ashton Deroy, it is summer here in Brighton Ontario Canada. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as much as I am. Today on Digi-Connex we are going to talk about what you do after you have designed a project on the web.

You started a blog, passion project or vlog, or Facebook page for the purposes of taking your life in a new direction. Or maybe increasing your business presence online. So now what? Some people might think once you set it up you wait for it to attract attention. That is not how it works… You need 3 things for this to build any momentum what so ever.

  1. Increase reach-Radio ads, Facebook advertising and Kijiji are all great low price point starts. If they don’t produce any calls or leads though you may need to change your approach. With Facebook you get the results to your ad very quickly with Kijiji you should know after a week weather the post worked or not. When listing something on Kijiji it is important to remove your ad in a week or someone may consider you a viable victim for pranks/telephone solicitation.
  2. Print it – My business is on business cards, pens and my own resume. Once you print it what you do begins to feel very professional and very real. This is when you know that this is one of the things you do with your life. By printing your business logo, website address and contact information you are owning what you do. Printing also gives you something to physically distribute and create a call to action for person to person meetings. Print it
  3. Manage it– After you have advertised what you do. Don’t lose momentum on your project. Create content and discussions to keep the page active. If you attract leads make sure you are connecting with them and attempting to make sales.

This was Ashton Deroy a Marketing & Sales person for Digi-Connex. Do you have a website or special project you want to keep active? Call me at 647-831-1544. We can come up with a plan to get your project expanding, selling and functioning. Thank you for reading.





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