Should I go back to school?

Below is my resume, please let me know if you think I can benefit from increasing my education. Below is prior job experience, hourly wages and job titles.

Ashton Deroy

Job experience

My business
$ Commission $

With my business I handle internet marketing for clients, small business administration and outbound sales. 

Customer Service
Hewlett and Packard
$12 hourly

For Hewlett and Packard I handled network set up for customer printers, Instant ink issues and printer technical support. 

Ad space sales
Willow Publishing
$ Commission $

At Willow Publishing I handled selling ad space for tourism booklets. I contacted existing company leads and baited my own leads.

Shaw Cable
$11.50 hourly

We dialled Shaw Cable and internet customers and offered home phone services. This was to service an ongoing sales promotion to Shaw Cable.

Business support
$11.50 hourly

Handled business to business accounts for cellular devices. Which included responsibilities in billing, tech support and activation. 

Telephone sales
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers I called their existing customers and tried to bundle all of their services with Rogers Communications. Our goal was to get all customers set up with Internet, Television and home phone. 

Experiential marketing
$11.50 hourly

For Actv8 we serviced the PC Plus client. Our job was to go around and activate Loyalty memberships for the PC plus program.

Customer service
Rogers Communications
$11.50 hourly + $ Commission $

For Rogers Communications I handled billing, tech support and activation for accounts. This job also entailed a sales element where at the end of customer calls we were to bridge and offer more Rogers services. 


Interactive Marketing, Saint Lawrence College 2014-2015

Advertising and Marketing Communications, Loyalist College 2012-2014


A big problem with a lot of this work experience is at times there was low job satisfaction or I didn’t find it closely enough related to my career choice. I also made minimum wage in a lot of the prior described jobs or commission which was not enough to afford important things like independent living, recreational activities and travelling. What I would like moving forward from jobs is a lot more responsibility, a higher wage and job security. A lot of the prior mentioned jobs had employee firings as frequent occurrences even when attempts had been made to resolve problems.


More important than anything, I want to start on a career track at an advertising agency or I want to continue servicing my own clients and their ad campaigns. If I go back to school I will be adding Business administration and Marketing to my all ready existing educational background. 

So as the title asks, “Do you think going back to school is the right move to get on my career track?” 


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