Why the UFC website is marketing machine?


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Today I want to start a series where I analyse some of the most effective sales websites on the internet. To start I want to analyse the UFC.ca website. For those who don’t know I am a huge UFC fan, I love martial arts and I do a kickboxing workout everyday. In looking at this website I will look at its revenue sources, the purpose of the website and why it attracts traffic.


Purpose of the UFC.CA Website

The website is designed to keep the audience up to date on events, fighter records, and fight promotions. This helps to sell pay-per views, merchandise and keep people in touch with all of their fighters. It is also important to note that as an extension of the UFC brand each fighter has their social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which allows them all to work on selling the events they participate at, individual merchandise and release information on their own sponsors. An important thing to note on this website is it is updated everyday, even multiple times a day on weekends. The reason this is important to note is it keeps the content on the website accurate and updated live, there are clear sales positioning for their events and they list a schedule for their press events which helps to effectively manage their public relations.


Website team size: Including graphics designers, photographers, content writers and the team responsible for updating, and the website engineer. I estimate this website is supported by a team of 6 people. If not 6 people way more, plus fighter social medias probably are managed by publicists or Public Relations teams.


Revenue sources from the website

The website generates revenue from third party website advertising, an E-Commerce shop for UFC and fighter merchandise, the Fight pass subscriptions and sales of PPV events.


Why does UFC.CA attract consistent traffic?

The UFC website attracts consistent traffic because it provides facts on UFC fighter win loss records, it allows you to get a live check on division rankings and it has several different areas on the website with different content contributors. For some websites having one content contributor might be enough. In the case of the UFC website everything is so big and everyone from the fighters, to the sponsors both octagon sponsors and fighter sponsors is so huge. That you definitely need multiple content contributors to manage the entire project.


What I learned from this website?

Multiple content contributors is a must for website content management. Which is why I have worked on developing a network of a Graphics designer, writer plus myself which manages sales and client management.  Also a lot of websites write a lot of hypothetical blogging content. In the case of UFC everything published is related to what happens around the UFC brand and Dana White which means there is something to be said about brand specific content. Also in the first 30 seconds on the website you can find some sales statement, don’t hide your sales statement in content, pictures and art.


To conclude the UFC website is a machine which serves effectively purpose for the brand the website attracts independent third party advertising, E-Commerce purchasing and it helps with PPV conversion. What the website has taught me? The website taught me that bridging to a sale at the start of a blog is an effective conversion strategy and consistent website updating makes your website an authority of your brand. It also taught me why your digital brand needs a team of management members not just a 1-2 people in charge of content updating.

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