Pokemon Go User types!

Pokemon Go User types.png



Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex, Pokemon go is coming in to the Canadian market with a BANG! If you don’t know the app is an augmented reality game where people can walk around the real world and find pokemon on their game. For those who feel like they have been thrown back in time to 1998 when Pokemon Yellow was released for the gameboy, because it seems everyone is nuts over pokemon again. In my opinion it is so much better because this game gets people up and walking around.


Since this game was released while I was using it with a whole bunch of other users in Toronto last week. I started to think about the different user types which I can break down in this blog. First off there is the die hard pokemon collectors which are the people who probably first downloaded this game as soon as it was out, then there is the tag along friends who play this when all of their friends are playing it. These groups will share a lot of the same demographic information such as they are primarily 16-28, they are male and female and of course they liked playing pokemon games. Their key differences will be their values in playing the app.


Die Hard Pokemon collectors

Die hard Pokemon collectors will likely play this game alone or with friends, because they want to level up and they want to be ahead of people in the game. Before this they probably owned/collected pokemon merchandise, games and movies. They may even try to play with other die hard players to find better Pokemon. These players tend to recruit other players, they organize time to play this in parks and they probably play this game over 90 minutes a day.


Follow along friends

Follow along friend user types for the Pokemon game probably are not the biggest pokemon fans but they like to participate in activities with their friends. They probably only play the game when their friends are/ on social outings and they probably don’t own other pokemon merchandise. It’s not that this group doesn’t sincerely enjoy the app but they like to participate in a variety of social activities and they probably have more pressing interests. This group probably plays thirty minutes to an hour a day but probably doesn’t take the measures the other group does to play as hardcore.


Thank you for reading the Digi-Connex blog today. Want to discuss Pokemon Go? Leave a comment below. Otherwise thanks for reading and enjoy your week pokemon catchers!


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