Discussing the basics of Digital marketing.

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Hello WordPress, welcome to Digi-Connex a digital marketing service located out of Brighton Ontario. Sometimes it is great to go back to the discussion in the basics of marketing, like the stuff I learned in the first year of Advertising school. For any marketing campaign there are three aspects to consider for the execution of any campaign. You want to consider reach, medium and message. In this blog I will attempt to break down each aspect of the campaign a bit more.

Medium-  Now as a digital marketing blog we recognise the king of mediums as Facebook, connected with a personal website. Other examples of mediums are Twitter, Pinterest, TumblR, there is radio and Newspaper advertising. Which both can appear on their website advertising. There are also website banners which can appear on special interest websites.

Reach- The reach aspect of the campaign of how many people your message can be exposed to on the medium. As far as I concerned unless a medium exposes you to 1000 subscribers, there is no sense in paying for ad space on the medium.  That is why when Digi-Connex is approached by a website looking to sell ad space the first thing we will ask is about the amount of their subscribers. The next thing you need to know is the information on the subscribers or users for the medium is you need to know their geographic information, age information and their engagement with your content.

Message – The message in marketing is usually something that will result in a call to action. The call to action can vary from checking out a website, making a purchase from an E-Commerce site or store and means of contact. The best thing to do before assembling a message is to determine what your goal is before hand. If you are just looking to call for sales promotions in particular and not overly complicated you just offer something such as a discount or incentive to encourage purchasing. If you want to get website traffic or build your brand you can toy with other creative ideas.


To conclude this is the Digi-Connex blog on going back to the basic on thinking about digital marketing. Feel free to leave a comment below and if you require digital marketing services from website setup, a Facebook campaign and etc. Give Digi-Connex a call at

647-831-1544. This is a cellular line so you can also text to inquire about digital marketing services. Canadian consumers only.American consumers can email to inquire about services at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com  .

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