What really belongs in a Marketing portfolio?

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Hello and welcome to Digi-Connex, the writer for this blog is Ashton Deroy from Brighton Ontario in Canada. This blog is the hub for my digital marketing services business where we offer social media marketing, radio advertising, website assembly, website updating and website content. I graduated college in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Loyalist College in 2015. I have had a year to work freelance on my own doing some writing, creating client content and handling my own sales and marketing when I had this thought.

Today in this blog I am going to talk about how after one year out of Advertising school. Nothing I worked on in school belongs in my portfolio today!


There was not enough practical execution in Advertising school!

Two years since I finished all my schooling for marketing and I can honestly say that nothing my old classmates or teachers thought on my projects matter. In fact none of my theoretical projects are in my portfolio at all. That is because nothing executed theoretically and graded for educational purposes is what an actual ad agency wants to hear about! I have never been asked about my school projects in a marketing interview. I was always asked about my publicly display worked.


What agencies want to hear?


Did your advertising work accomplish?

  • Sales
  • Inbound leads
  • Outbound leads
  • Multiple IP address traffic on a website
  • Increased subscribers
  • Photo clicks
  • Comments


Who cares how sleek a design is if it does not work?


You may think some sleek designs you executed privately would be awesome additions to your portfolio. You might be wrong! Unless a client actually ordered those designs, you can provide metrics for how the designs performed and etc. It does not belong it a portfolio.


What does belong in your marketing portfolio? :

  • Agency Marketing projects
  • Freelance marketing projects
  • Non-Profit Marketing projects.
  • Blogs


Here are some examples of work I highlight in my portfolio:

https://www.facebook.com/LGBTeventsKingstonOntario/?fref=ts – LEKO was an events promotional page on Facebook used to promote Kingston Pride, Saint Lawrence College LGBT events to Kingston and surrounding areas.  This page was responsible for increasing attendance at Pride events and handling Kingston pride inquiries. This project was a two person team project between a graphics designer Ellen Gadd  and a promotional writer/project manager Ashton Deroy.

https://www.facebook.com/DigixConnex/?fref=ts – Digi-Connex’s Facebook page was used to develop Ashton Deroy’s presence as a freelance marketing service. This page was used to promote marketing services, create marketing discussions and create sales leads. This page was responsible in converting three active clients in under a year and it is still active today to generate business leads.  This project has two active team members both functioning as a writers with Ashton Deroy as the administrator of the project and Diana Skye as a freelance writer.

https://www.facebook.com/DignityAutoRepairsandService/?fref=ts – This was the Facebook page to the Dignity Repairs automotive blog. This was a blog created for an auto repairs shop located in Toronto Ontario. Ashton Deroy was approached by this client who was looking to create a web presence for Dignity Repairs by purchasing the .com for the brand and establishing web content. With a slim budget and persistent content the page was able to climb to 33 subscribers. It was a two person team project with Ashton Deroy as the promotional writer and Umair Bair as the photo contributor.


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