Why Charlotte Flair belongs on top!

Charlotte Flair  belongs on top!

I am not going to use WWE’s elitist style of promotion in endorsing Charlotte Flair. I am going to start this blog post and chat by saying “I don’t give a damn who a wrestler’s father is!” That does not guarantee your future in the business. It should play no role in WWE story lines.

So why does Charlotte Flair belong on the top as a defining Women’s pro wrestler of this era? Charlotte belongs on top because she is athletic, she is ruthless and she sells long term story lines.

An example of Charlotte’s athleticism? Watch her WWE entrance.


Charlotte flair is also ruthless. Thank goodness for her as well, because what was going on before Charlotte Flair became the face of pro-wrestling for women? Nikki Bella a reality television star was the face and it was truly terrible. Thankfully Charlotte Flair took her and her hippies sister out and brought the division back to what pro-wrestling should be.

Lets be honest the so called #DivasRevolution was ran uncomfortably long by a reality television star on top…

(Trish Stratus was a revolution, Chyna was a revolution to many!, Lita was a revolution.)

The branding of that rivalry was disrespectful and it in no way heightened the profile of women’s wrestling.

Lastly Charlotte is the woman to run with for promoting long term story-lines. She had epic matches with Sasha Banks, Bailey and Nikki Bella all ready. She unfortunately had to survive lazy story-lines like the Divas Revolution and her gimmick with Natalya. However if you are going to have an epic women’s match in WWE you can not do it with out her. What is the next Charlotte match I dream of?

Click the picture below on how Charlotte Flair would face Ronda Rousey if the opportunity was provided.

Charlotte Flair vs Ronda.png


Ruthless, athletic and sells long term rivalries. Right now I can think of no one better for being a champion than Charlotte Flair.

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