3 things that will make you reconsider your business dreams

3 things to consider when starting a business

When I am hearing someone else talk about wanting to start a business I get excited. Unless they happen to be a bit full of long term delusions, dreams and lies. Not everyone is meant to be a boss, some  people were made to serve others. That is something I had trouble learning when I started my project. Why do some people live to serve under someone? That is because some people couldn’t ever make money with their own project. 

Here are three things to really think about before the pursuit of a business: 

  1. Do you have any background experience in the business you want to start? This matters to people who might fund your business, its long term business success and your sales offering to customers. 
  2. Do you have any experience in sales? Before you can hire a single sales person for your business you need to sell it for yourself. There is no reason to think if you can’t sell your offering that someone else can. 
  3. Can you make a sale before $100 in customer acquisition costs? I have to say to people who don’t know. Making sales leads costs money! Weather that money is paying for the rent on a physical location, paying for ad space or buying a cold call list from an agency. If you can’t close a sale before spending $100 in acquisition costs the business should be abandoned. I’ve been happy to close sales for clients spending only $60 in advertising fees. 

Need help getting your business to make sales online? Call Ashton Deroy at 647-831-1544. Digi-Connex connects businesses to customers. 

Start a basic website: $40 – Even if it is not a web engineers dream. Owning your .com is essential in business. 

Social media setup, including a starter boosting ad: $40 – Social media set up is great. Letting people in your target areas, demographics and psycho-graphics is even more essential. 

Kijiji Local business listings: $100 – If it didn’t work I would not use it. If you run a business you should run launch promotions in your area to let the local market know of your existence. 

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