First day at Seneca College

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First day of Class


Hello anyone who is coming across my blog via Twitter, WordPress, Instagram and Facebook. Today was the first day of school for me at Seneca College. My first real big city school. Earlier today I was looking to get more involved with the school when I set out a tweet asking about LGBT groups at the school.

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Dealing with Transition anxiety


Before I talk about the first day of class I wanted to say that the past few days have been an adjustment period for myself. I find during a transition period it is very important to allow yourself to mess up and not be perfect, if you have anxiety and stress management issues like myself you feel the need to constantly be perfect which you can’t do. This often leads to an emotional explosion. So since I got to Markham Ontario I am just trying to allow myself to learn everything.


What was my first day of class like?


Well my first class today was actually a marketing class. For those of you who don’t know my specialty is in Advertising, Interactive Marketing, Sales and customer service. Which means it was exciting for me to get into the basic chats again today like brand touchpoints, trends in technology and mediums for communications. If you have read anything I have said about education before though, if I have said it once I have said it a hundred times “Talk about sales, and conversion metrics as soon as you talk about marketing.” If you teach a marketing program this should be something you are teach right away.


Too many people walk away from Marketing thinking they are going to be just setting up ads and watching them go. The money isn’t in setting up ads, it’s in handling sales, it’s in generating inbound leads and setting up meetings. Still the basic first day chatter was nice even though it came across to me as marketing sound bites. It would of been nice to take some notes today…So I could post them however I guess we will likely get into more of that as my business and Marketing program continues.

Financial Aid

OSAP, the organisation that provides student loans in Ontario has not gotten me my funding yet. So today I went to the Financial aid office at Seneca College and asked what needed to be done. Apparently I am just in a waiting game. I guess that is okay for now. Chances are if you go to Seneca College you are in the exact same spot. Don’t panic things will get done!



I would like to have a part-time job while I am in school. Not in anything commission based because I find I have too little control of commission based projects outside of my own small business. I really liked the job interview I had at the Business development centre for a job selling business licenses and handling registrations. I do worry that this job could interfere with my studies so if I got the job I would seriously weigh my education versus the job.


Business update

$40 Social media ad placements for sale. $20 is my fee, $20 for Facebook. We can also customise this offer depending on the package you require. If you have a registered .com which I administrate currently. I will discount my fee to $12 making the total cost $32. Reason being is I enjoy my .com customers and I want to offer them the best of my services for less. is still processing sales for the content they had created and they haven’t paid for a package since May. Ashton’s marketing skills work that well!

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