Meet the team

Ashton DeroyBusiness owner

Ashton.jpg ; 647-831-1544 (text or call in Canada) 

After graduating college for Digital Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Communications. Ashton could not wait to enter the open market for digital advertising. Ashton has 5 years experience in  sales, 3 years in customer service, 6 months in tech support and 1 year in publishing. Here is what Ashton says when asked why he wants to work in Web publishing “It is a mix of passion for startup companies and love for digital advertising. Most companies do not know how to start selling on the web but it is life changing when I crack the code for them.”

Diana Skye- Sales Assistant

Diana Skye.png ; 

Business administration graduate from Centennial College, small business enthusiast. Diana Skye is an underdog at heart. She was trained from the business owner in selling, promotional writing and creative. However she brings her own touch to the office with her passion for StarBucks and Mac computers. Diana Skye when asked why she wants to work for Digi-Connex says “I want to help small businesses succeed. Having a great website makes a big difference.”


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