Why Brock Lesner is bad for WWE?

Brock Lesner is bad for WWE.png

Besides the embarressment Brock Lesner provided after he was a confirmed doper after his appearance at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. There has been plenty of reasons why Brock Lesner has been seen as terrible for WWE. I mean just look at the man, he has stupid tattoos, he has no charisma and he comes off more like an ass than a cool guy. So why else is Brock Lesner bad for WWE? 

  1. Brock Lesner is a bully! While Superstars like John Cena are granting make a wish wishes and making jokes on award shows. Brock Lesner is often doing stuff like this! 


That is right, if you won’t sponsor Brock Lesner because he is AN ASS! He won’t just cover up and shut up, he will call you out because he is AN ASS! The man is really a bully calling out bud light and Rebok for not having sponsorship agreements with him.

2. “He is the best Combat athlete of our generation.” according to Mr. JBL. 


No JBL that would be an actual UFC champion or at least the standout UFC stars like Ronda Rousey, Mighty Mouse or Bipsing. Brock Lesner has a 4-5 or 5-3 MMA record. Meaning he has lost closely to how much he has won. The big guy proved that in Mixed Martial arts he just couldn’t cut it in the long run. Which brings me to my next point…


3. He was not good enough in MMA so he went back to WWE. Pro-Wrestling is not this man’s passion. He just isn’t in good enough health to do MMA and be outstanding. There are so many people passionate and who dedicate their lives to Professional wrestling but honestly at the end of the day I believe Brock Lesner does it because in the long run he’d fail at MMA.

4. He did not finish Mark Hunt….

Mark Hunt.png

Brock Lesner did all 5 rounds with Mark Hunt and could not finish the man.Then we find out he was doping before the fight. If that isn’t enough… 

Brock vs Randy.png

WWE exaggerates the man’s not so great UFC appearance by having him TKO Randy Orton. So they can re-enforce the claim to fame that he is the world’s greatest Combat athlete. 

5. He did not pass the torch, WWE just shook off his world title reign…

Remember this? 

Brock Lesner.png

He was a huge draw as champion, even I was excited to see him him as a main eventer having the big matches. For a second WWE felt like it was having clashes of the icons. First he wins the title off John Cena in a way that has you thinking I can’t wait to see who beats Brock Lesner! I mean he suplexes Cena sixteen times when he beats him for the world title.

Then he gets disqualified at Night of Champions. Which Builds to Brock Lesner vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins at Night of Champions (I am hooked!) He deffends the title looking like a bad ass. Then his deffense against Romain Reigns at Wrestlemania. 


Roman vs Lesner.png

If you ask me before this match I tell you that they are using this match to establish Roman Reigns! I am excited, my blood is boiling I am on the forums telling everyone Roman is the next big thing. When suddenly… 


Seth Rollins cashes in a loophole called Money in the Bank! Who walks out of Wrestlemania champion? 


The guy who wasn’t even in the Wrestlemania promos for this match takes away the title. He doesn’t even pin Brock Lesners.The whole thing looked choppy and Rollins did not even pin Brock Lesner, he pinned the challenger Roman Reigns. Then for the next few months I had to endure what felt like antagonizingly boring TV as the Seth Rollins Era happened. 

Sometimes it takes something little to check you out of pro-wrestling as a fan. A wrestler lays down to lose their title, or a big main event is ruined for some reason. The next thing you know… You are switching on UFC instead for a while! 

By the way if you think the Brock Lesner reign ends terribly. This is how the Rollins title reign ends! Rollins is able to defeat Dean Ambrose, Sting and John Cena individually. His first title deffense is against Brock Lesner where he is disqualified but retains on a technicality. He later has another title deffense with Lesner where he retains due to interferance from Undertaker. Then rumours circulate he is scheduled to lose to Roman Reigns. However Seth Rollins is injured and WWE screws up the climax of another story line by waiting too long to make it happen! 

So as far as I am concerned all these terrible storylines lead back to a terrible story revolving around Brock Lesner. If Brock Lesner had only lost his title in a classic five star matchup maybe they would not of screwed up WWE Television for over half a year. 

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