Exploring the cultures of Toronto

Exploring the cultures of                                                        Toronto.png

Hey everyone and welcome to Digi-Connex.com. My name is Ashton Deroy and I am from Brighton Ontario. I graduated from East Northumberland Secondary school, attended Loyalist College for Advertising and Marketing Communications then attended St. Lawrence College for Interactive Marketing Communications. Until I attended Business and Marketing administration at Seneca College I have never really live too far from home. 

However now that I live in North York Ontario. I am breathing in more of cultures I knew nothing about than I ever have. For example my roommate is from Sri Lanka and he has taught me about their history and their prior relationship with The United Kingdom. He also tells me back home his parents had servants who maintained his home.

I am also dating differently, back at home it seemed I was always dating the same types of white guys. There were three types, way too into drugs or alcohol, pretentious hipsters and outright gay stereotypes. Here in Toronto I have the opportunity to date guys from all types of backgrounds from many places in the world. Everyone in Toronto also has so much more of a flavor for life. For example their hobbies include recreational swimming, yoga, Pilates and hiking. Not just going out to the bar like many people at home!

So to conclude for most of my college career I lived very close to home. However now that I am in North York it is time to soak up new cultures and open my mind a bit more. I hope I can share more on this blogs about the new kinds of food I eat, where I am hanging out and what I am learning. If you have your own experiences to share about college away from home please leave a comment! 🙂

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