The Empathy game


Last week we played the empathy game where we try to duplicate the builds of stuff using blocks from feel while wearing a blindfold and listening to a partner’s instructions. From this exercise I learned about teamwork, communications gaps and the challenges of time limits. This exercise seems that it was intended to teach more about challenges of teamwork. When I did the exercise I actually was not able to complete this exercise or even make a dent in it because I had trouble understanding my partner and visualizing in my mind what I was supposed to do.


The first thing I learned from this exercise is teamwork. The challenges you can have around that.In teamwork you can have two people from two seperate backgrounds, two different understandings and two different mindsets. For example understandings wise people who have a better understanding of shapes might of gotten further on the exercise than me who does not quite visualize shapes so well at this point.  I also had a bit of trouble with a communications gap which is my next topic.


Sometimes in groups you are going to have a trouble with communicating clearly. There are language barriers, barriers in understanding and cultural barriers. This is part of why I was not able to deliver very much on my time during the project. I did not quite understand what was being asked of me.


The last thing I learned from the empathy game is the challenges of tight time limits. I feel like I could’ve gotten further in the game if I had an easier time limit because there would of been more time to try and understand my partner. I also could of felt the blocks more and thought more clearly without thinking of the stress of the time crunch. I just wonder if not for the stress of time could I of done more?


This challenge I have learned some of the issues of two separate backgrounds, problems with communicating clearly and the issues of time. I may of not been able to duplicate the setup of blocks with the blindfold on in this game. However I did learn that in group work you have to be sensitive to backgrounds, communicate clearly and take time to deliver with effort. To conclude the Empathy game may of had challenging backgrounds, problems with communicating and the stress of time. However with patience and quality effort I believe a team atmosphere can work.


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