Marketing and prejudice


“You should not judge the past by today’s standards.” Screw that though… Jumping jollys that is one racist pancake ad. Hi I am Ashton Deroy and I write for and this is our segment called Marketing and Racism. 

Now unless you have been living under a rock you would have to be stupid to notice the constant barage of messaging we recieve that are racist, sexist, homophobic, heteronormative and any other overly complicated word essentially meaning prejudice. Sometimes you must have a sense of humour about it. Other times you have to draw the line. For example my marketing professor today was doing a lecture about customer segmentation where he made a wildly incorrect generalisation about Asian Canadians and thanksgiving.  Apparently he didn’t think any of them will be eating Turkey on this upcomming holiday. Which is what lead a classmate to talking to me afterwards and calling it a racist lecture content. 


For those who don’t know. Here is what Customer Segmentation is without a wildly inappropriate lecture full of generalisations and stereotypes: 

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals who are similar in specific ways relevant to advertising. Such as age, gender, interests and habbits. Here is out segmentation is layed out in our textbooks. 

Geographic > Demographic > Psychographic > Behavioural > Cultural

Some web theories also recognise occasional customer segmentation.

So who knows how we got in to a tangent including what Asians are eating for Thanksgiving? I don’t know though… I have been in marketing so long these generalisations made widely about a culture don’t phase me. Maybe they should though? 

I can’t lie though I would hate to be one of those people who worries about offending people with everything they do. There were people offended by when I started a business for example! How do you get anything done constantly worrying about hurting someone’s feelings? However maybe how we look at cultures especially other races who mold in to Canadian culture could use some updating. 

So hopefully as I continue learning Marketing theory I learn attitiudes that help with success in Advertising, public relations, publishing and digital advertising. Not the attitudes of a future racist. Thank you for reading the Digi-Connex.

Given the nature of customer segmentation can you even teach it without being a little prejudice? 

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