3 relationship types you should not work with in your business.

3 friendship types you should not work within your business..png

Everyone thinks they want to start a business with their buddy. Except when they realise their buddy is a complete idiot… A business is a professional venture designed to make money and start a long term career path. Honestly maybe you would be better keeping your friendship with hanging out and playing games.

Here are 3 types of friends you should never start a business with. 


Drinking buddies


Just because you have a buddy you enjoy spending time with, drinking a beer with and goofing off. Doesn’t mean you should spend 8-12 hours a day if not more running a business with them. People who consume alcohol tend to lack in focus, discipline and professionalism. Another thing to think about is that people don’t want to hire people who goof around and can’t seperate work from play! 

High School friends 

High School.jpg

There comes a time to outgrow your friends. A good time is after High School… You especially don’t want these friends around your business or passion project. Some behavioural things I have noticed about friends from High School is they revert to who they were in High School, they often were not friends due to professional interests and they do not push each other in positive directions. Also like with drinking buddies High School friends just often goof off together. 

In this case honestly… Forget your High School friends! 



In my opinion, family shouldn’t work together, decide where their kids work and tell them where to college. You especially should not run a business with your family. If you have kids who work with your business it can build ressentment, distain and distance in the family environment. When you work with your family you also struggle to seperate work from home which can make your home life hell. Your family belongs at home, your colleagues belong in the office. 

Of course the exceptions to all of these are when the three professional qualifications all work out. Which are Geography, Education and professional background. Other than that do not settle for employees out of your personal contacts because it is just going to muddy up treasured friendships and family life. Can you think of anyone to avoid working with?


Leave a comment below. 


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