Three reasons to get rid of Mixed tag team matches.

Mixed tag team match.pngOn Monday night Raw October 10th 2016 Sasha Banks teamed with Roman Reigns to take on Charlotte and Rusev in a Mixed tag team match. Pro-Wrestling isn’t real… In the match male and female stunt people did an excellently choreographed match/fight that resulted in the good guys winning. Pro-wrestling isn’t real… Why do I keep saying pro-wrestling isn’t real? I am saying it because the company and whoever handles creative is treating it too much like a sport instead of purely as an entertainment! 

How many times in Movies, TV shows and Music videos have we seen a femme fatale beat up a man? Take a look at Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music video for example. 

So given that pro-wrestlers are stunt people and not Mixed Martial artists, amateur wrestlers or any kind of combat athlete. Why do they continue to act like a sport? Here are the stupid rules to a Mixed tag team match. In the match men must fight men. However if a woman tags in then the female opposition must automatically be tagged in. If a woman strikes a man or a man strikes a woman theoretically it will result in Disqualification. Why do they do that? 

Here are three reasons that WWE should stop with Mixed Tag Team matches. Instead have intergender matches, weather 1 on 1 or 2 on 2. 

  1. The matches are incredibly entertaining. For example Gail Kim vs Tigre Uno in Impact Wrestling, Chyna vs Jeff Jarret and Jacqueline vs Chavo. 
  2. It establishes heels. Nothing cements a heel like defeating someone of the opposite gender. For example Carlito vs Victoria. 
  3. It breaks the gender barrier and enforces the fact that you must never underestimate your opponent despite gender, weight and size. 

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