3 times you should avoid instant gratification feelings.

What is instant gratification? Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure without delay or deferment.

Hello readers my name is Ashton Deroy and I run the Digi-Connex blog. This is my segment I call the AshtonChats. Today I am going to discuss 3 times where if you avoid instant gratification feelings it might pay off in the long run. For those who don’t know you can experience instant gratification or the feeling of reward for tasks that maybe you shouldn’t feel so proud of. Below will be three examples of scenarios with the worst possible instant Gratification.

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So the three instant gratifications anyone should avoid are Intoxication gratification, Gaming gratification and paycheck gratification . All of these are powerful motivators to take you off of a successful route and I will tell you why below.

  1. Gaming gratification – Nothing like leveling up, beating another player and caring about the inner works of a video game to say “Gaming gratification is its own hole.” First of all MMOs make leveling up, gaining game currency and in game incentive for playing their games longer because the longer you play the bigger of chance you use your real life money to pay for something in a game. Make no mistake Guilds of War, World of Warcraft and etc might as well have a roulette table and martinis for making you gamble on false hope in a progression in a game. To snap out of this, you have to come to the conclusion that not only is what you are doing not real, but it does not matter! Getting a level up in a game has nothing but instant gratification with no major benefit to your life.
  2. Intoxication gratification – Many people are waiting for that next disability, welfare or even paycheck to feed their addictions. Weather it is cocaine, marijuana or alcohol. The gratification you get from intoxication is one of the most dangerous forms of instant gratification available. Take it from a recovering addict it is easier to get the reward from being high, then it is to feel proud of yourself for staying sober. The sad part is the friends doing these things with you will go out of their way to convince you that you don’t have a problem even when you a far gone! The key to overcoming this pit is to get addictions help. They can help explain how your mind is working and get you on the right track.
  3. Paycheck gratification – Nothing like a little bit of money to keep you at a job that you hate. Okay so paycheck gratification is the least dangerous one here to some aspects, unless you are in a third world country making shoes for pennies! However it is dangerous in a sense it can lead you to a life you hate. The key to overcoming this is actually making a genuine effort to get the career you want in life. Weather it is in your career field, starting a business and etc. Your dream knows no limits. Your minimum wage job knows a ton of limits! 

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