CRAAP: A good tool for writing and reading articles

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Hello everyone, I am Ashton Deroy and today I am going to talk about CRAAP. This actually not a “miss-spelled cuss word”. CRAAP is an acronym I used recently for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose. To start off in content publishing weather you are a writer or marketer everything on your websites should be current. Then we focus on Relevance, like when a business that sells knick knacks weighs in the US election…. That is not really related to your business. Authority, so I am a Publisher which is why I talk about best writing and reading practices. Accuracy has to do with how much is fact versus how much is subjective opinion? Lastly Purpose, in writing content online everything you produce should have a purpose of growing your audience, or sell something.

  • Currency – Websites should have content produced up to date. You should never let your website go 30 days without an update unless you are no long using it… A lot of young writers say they are not going to publish work online to build their audience. However in the case of Toni Morrison he became a published author after years of contributing to a writing group online.
  • Relevance – Everything published on a website should be relevant to your website or brand in some way. For example Dignity repairs publishes content on vehicle repair, driving in Canada and promotional content.
  • Authority – Authority has to do with the fact that I am in publishing. So I publish good content on writing and reading content posted on websites.
  • Accuracy – All content published should be correct. If the content is based on an opinion that should be mentioned in the article.
  • Purpose – All content published on a website or Facebook page should be intended for growing your audience. Or you should publish content intended to sell products or services.

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