MARCHÉ Toronto, an unbelievable affordable Dining experience.

Hey everyone, it is Ashton Deroy again with another blog updating you on my life in Toronto. The point of this education section is to keep people from my hometown updated on my school life. So today around 3:00 pm my classmate Diana and I went toe Marche. The experience was just fantastic.

Ashton and Diana.jpg



So for those who don’t know. MARCHÉ is a market style restaurant in Toronto on Bay Street. It has amazing sandwiches, Chinese food, smoothies and cafe. When I got there I ordered Teriyaki with beef and a lavender tea from the cafe. The quality is amazing and my friend Alana had been telling me a few years ago that Lavender tea was heavenly. The tea was so good on its own I didn’t even add sugar.

So I am likely going to rave about this eating experience for years. If you haven’t been go check out this restaurant. On this blog I am going to include a Google Maps locations. Go check it out for your lunch next week:

Google location.png

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