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Hi, I am Ashton Deroy. Last week I discussed the acronym CRAAP. An acornym for evaluating websites based on Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Today I wanted to expand more on authority in topic matters. My opinion is that authority in subjects matters. Why does subject authority matter? Well I shouldn’t walk around giving relatives medical advice. (I am not a doctor!) The other reason is I make a jerk of myself when I step in to someone else’s subject authority. Lastly forming a published opinion without knowing all the facts with know authority effects the accuracy of your content. 

First off to prove subject authority matters a key example of this is anything medical. As I said above I am not doctor… However how many people in Canada are self diagnosed with a problem they are self medicating with Marijuana? You aren’t doctors! You are self medicating with stuff that you can’t even guarentee the safty of. This is a common cultural example of stepping out of subject authority. 

Secondly when I step out of my subject authority matter. Two things can happen, I can make a negative statement of myself and if I am publishing that opinion on a medium I paid for I can lose my readers, viewers and etc. If you grow you channel based on content that is not a loss you can afford. This is proof that you can’t compromise the integrity of your channel by stepping out of subject authority. 

Lastly if you compromise the accuracy of your content you have the following problems. Your content can be reported for innaccurate or false statements and you decrease your brand value. For example Donald Trump has formed some passionate opinions in offshorting in this next ellection, Hilary Clinton positions herself as a human rights activist. Sadly they have been myth busted on the web, Donald Trump produces his brand offshore in Mexico. Hilary Clinton once referred to LGBTQ as a mental illness. So it proves there is so much risk for what you say on the record.

To conclude Subject authority is important in creating your web content. This maintains accuracy of content, maintains your positive image and keeps you from self medicating.  Here are a list of things that determine your subject authority in order of importance:

  • Licensing
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Personal life – Everyone has authority of their personal relationships, family, romantic life, culture and behaviour. 

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