Weak society Blog # 1.


Hello everyone, my name is Ashton Deroy. I create web content and mediums for the internet related to branding, marketing, publishing and public relations. Today I wanted to start a creative writing exercise for a story I have in my head. Truthfully I think it is related to something I am passionate about and I think I’d like to unfold this story over a series of blogs. The pieces will only be 500 words maximum per part of the story, less when I include pictures… as I don’t have time to write a full novel. Currently I am enrolled at Seneca College for Business Administration and Marketing. So that takes up a lot of my time and business is my primary passion. 


The year is 2050, the place is a city called Rushington. An epidemic has struck when society’s death toll climbs to an alarming 3 billion in one year to obesity related deaths in 2048. 

Rushington Times.png

3 billion dead.png

It is an epidemic that put too much weight on the healthcare system and caused socialised medicine to shut down.

Foreclosing hospital.png

At that point people were dying in the street, quality of life shot way down. People who could not work were living in poverty. When the healthcare system failed so did the disability systems, old age pensions and the pharmaceutical companies. Living for the next two years would be terrible. Crime rates would shoot up, street drugs became popular. People would huff bleach if that is what it took to block out the world. Anything that was left in the pharmacies would likely be stolen and sold on the street for food. 

It seemed this hell was going to be a permanent one until… 

George Crawz.png

Leader of free world.png

Weak Society Blog # 2 the speech that changes everything


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