How to give proper content feedback in creative advertising?


Ashton Deroy Says without getting out my marketing textbook and boring you all with textbook theory on market testing. I am going to tell you how to give feedback to marketing messaging in a creative advertising setting! In a creative advertising setting you are likely working with graphics designers, professional writers and web designers. So how do you give them feedback and still sound professional? It isn’t a mistake you are there they hired you for a reason. So instead of kissing butt at an advertising meeting, focus on these three areas:

  • Brand – Does it match or redirect the brand’s current messaging, coloring and positioning. If it does redirect the messaging in a new way, why is that being done?
  • Function – Someone launches an online shop, one of the things you have to test is does it work? Can a customer actually check out an item and have it delivered to them. If it doesn’t work maybe you need to know the plan to get it working.
  • Conversion – Will this sell? If you don’t get the sales messaging. The customers won’t either.

If you give feedback based on these three areas. Congratulations, as far as conversation goes you should now fit in to an advertising agency. Thank you for reading my post on fitting in to a creative advertising agency as far as feedback. If you would like to hire Digi-Connex for marketing services, please check out our line of services below by clicking the picture of the Service catalog:

Act big.png


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