The trolls you find on the web!

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If the Internet was a physical location, it would be a ghetto mostly. Mostly the internet is covered with porn, angry business customers and my favourite trolls. What are trolls? Trolls are people who just don’t care. There sole intention is to mess with you. In this blog I will discuss three trolls I met through Twitter. The social media blog where you can communicate with 150 characters.

 religiousThe religious troll

Weather it is someone trying to convince me to stop being gay. Or to take down the NonBinaryCanada website I used to run. Heck when I used to date HelloGlamorous she had a number of trolls on multiple mediums on the web who hated her for being LGBT. Needless to say when it comes to religion on the web, there are still a ton of horrible people pushing their spiritual position down your throat! 

The Twitter religious troll in particular just wanted us to take down NonBinaryCanada and he warned me and Diana Skye about the danger we posed to our soul. 

Hyper sexual.jpg

The Hyper sexual troll!

This troll was disturbing, basically he contacted Diana Skye and I on Twitter. Then he prepositioned us to a three way!


One of the most disturbing experiences of my life. Diana Skye is like my sister and needless to say he was not attractive.

Customer service troll.jpg

The customer service troll

This is the troll that goes around dealing with your company’s customer complaints, unresolved issues and disgruntled customers. Why are they a troll? Well they don’t do it with your company’s best interest. When I submitted a complaint to GoDaddy on Twitter. Someone read it, gave me advice and offered a switch to this domain service resolution. This issue was tweet directly at GoDaddy’s corporate Twitter but this guy got to the message first. The same thing actually happens with Facebook Customer complaints.

This is why you want to pay for customer service reps behind your web space.


Thank you for reading . I hope none of you have to deal with trolls like this! However if you do just don’t overly engage them because it feeds their fire. Looking for Digital marketing services?

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