3 things we can’t criticize millennials for


Millennials are often critiqued as lazy, insane and ridiculous. However what is really being critiqued here? Are there reasons for what you perceive as a lack of discipline in Millennials?  Some people blame participation trophies, wanting too much from the workplace or even the refusal to wake up at 6:00 AM. Why do these things happen though?

Participation trophies – Not as ridiculous as they sound initially. The problem is actually a refusal to participate in a lot of undesirable jobs such as sanitation, retail and call center work. So when I was a telemarketer I got a bonus for participation in the form of $300. What was the problem? I showed up 100% my colleagues did not do the same. Those participation trophies are not sounding so lame now. 

6:00 AM and not at work – Here are three things lack of sleep causes, motor vehicle accidents, It lowers productivity and it effects your heart. Some jobs aren’t worth the crazy sleep schedule that will probably kill you! So what you are confusing with laziness is actually an attempt at self-preservation. Plenty of jobs will have to change their hellish hours if they hope to keep the involvement of young workers. We would all be better off anyways if the guy driving the warehouse truck didn’t do it on 5 hours of sleep! 

High standards for a job– The average rent cost in Toronto is $2000. If you can’t pay me enough to do that then I don’t want to work for you! Are you surprised? You really shouldn’t be. This also is why plenty of millennials still live with their parents. The work force has been recovering since 2008 and we still don’t have the volume of high paying jobs we once had in Canada. Above all else this is probably the leading contributor to the seemingly ineffective millennial generation. Due to our demands for payment we also likely don’t accept commission based jobs, volunteer work and minimal wage jobs are temporary never permanent with us. Permanent = over 1 year of employment. 

When you read all of this, well the millennials are not as insane as the internet has sensationalized us to be. 

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